Hayato Hiroto
Hayato Hiroto
Birthplace Desert Land of Wind
Birthdate 1/1/2 B.F.
Gender Male
Age 15
Height 5'2
Weight 111 lbs
Blood Type B+
Kekkei Genkai Hayato Senses?
Classification None
Areas of Expertise Tracking, Archery, Intellect, Strategy.
Clan Hayato
Affiliation Sunagakure
Team =None
Ninja Rank Genin
Genin-Equivalent Age 13
Chuunin-Equivalent Age N/A
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Wind(Unknown)
Element (Secondary) Unknown
** N/A ** None
Signature Jutsu
Hayato Senses


Hiroto was born out in the desert in a little nomad group of the Hayato clan. He was for a while learning by watching how the elders, and his parents were. Eventually a tragedy struck though causing him to be split from that group. It was early morning so everyone was preparing to leave for the next oasis. They were about to leave when a sandstorm came out of nowhere. Of course the experience people could find there way through it to a safe place, but Hiroto was not experience yet being real young still. He sadly got trapped in the sandstorm, and the only reason he lived was because he got trapped under a few other kids that also got trapped. When it was over he got out of the sand with cuts, and dry blood everywhere. He would rub the sand out of his eyes to see a falcon flying in the air. He followed that falcon all the way to Sunagakure where they took him in. He stayed in the hospital for a long while to get his body healed, but it seems the sand had somehow messed with his chakra flow. His ability to do anything chakra based seems to take longer then most. The falcon whose name became Tenshi stayed with the boy, and they eventually bonded becoming great friends. He entered the academy, and at first was quiet because he didn't know how he should behave, but quickly became friends with people. Although he still had a quiet nature about him even then. He would stay in the academy for a while because his genjutsu was unsatisfactory. It was so bad that he would easily fall into any genjutsu, and could be stuck for days if they let him. He worked a long time on it though eventually barely graduating the academy at the age of 13. He has since then just past his 14th birthday, and has been starting going on missions for the village. He has become an intellectual, and quiet person who always seems to think through every situation be it a conversation or a fight. He has practiced fighting with his falcon, and although he is still young the falcon, and him have grown together and have a natural ability to work together. They have worked to become great scouts, and plan to be a stealthy assassin-esque duo since Hiroto has a pretty good skill with the bow as well.


Hiroto is quiet, but not because he doesn't mind a chat. He will talk with anyone no problem. He just is quiet because he likes to sit back, and watch. He enjoys observing others, and noting every little detail he can spot. Even a little kid pickpocketing a man as they bump into each other. He is always observing, and his personality shows. Even in conversations he will be careful most of the time to observe the other speaker. He can be strong willed though if the situation needs it.


Hiroto is a tanned boy who is really short for his age. His hair is a messy dirty blonde color, and is long enough to cover his ears. His eyes are almost seemingly become similar to falcon eyes. They are a dark grey color with a yellow ring around the outside of his eyes. His facial features seem to always be still which causes him to look overall very boring if that is possible. He wears a little mask of sorts over his mouth when out on mission that is shaped like a faclons beak. The rest of his clothes are styled to match the desert sand like you would expect a lot to be, and they also allow easy movement so he can move easily. He can be seen carrying a bow, and a quiver of arrows during missions.


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