Hebisuuhai Sakuya
Hebisuuhai Sakuya
Birthplace Land of Tea
Birthdate June 10th
Gender Female
Age 12
Height 4'6"
Weight 77 Lbs
Blood Type B+
Kekkei Genkai Hebisuuhai Blooded
Classification Genin
Areas of Expertise Genjutsu, Taijutsu
Clan Hebisuuhai
Affiliation Kumogakure
Team Kumogakure's Shield
Ninja Rank Genin
Genin-Equivalent Age 11
Chuunin-Equivalent Age N/A
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Earth
Element (Secondary) ???
Father Hebisuuhai Korose
Mother Hebisuuhai Kiko
Adoptive Father Miyazani Kaku
Signature Jutsu
Violent Venom Technique


Sakuya was not conceived or born in Kumogakure. She was conceived in the Land of Tea, during a heated mission. Her parents, Hebisuuhai Korose and Hebisuuhai Kiko, both Chunin of Kumogakure, were on a mission that required them to remain undercover for a long period of time to track the activity of a rogue group of missing-nin whom were terrorizing the populace. Sakuya was born in a humble wooden shack in the Land of Tea, and in the end was used to help propagate her parent’s mission in it. It was after this mission, however, that she was abandoned at the age of two released into the care of the Raikage and raised in a special orphanage. Her parents disappeared from her life forever from this point forward. Thus, whom she considers her real parent was a teacher at Kumogakure whom let her live with him until she joined the academy. During her tenure living with this chunin teacher, she learned something that is rather unique amongst the Hebisuuhai. She gained a development and appreciation for genjutsu. When she was the age of four, she was taken to the elders of her clan to receive her current nin-snake, Zuru, in the form of an egg. This snake was special, in that when the snake hatched, its scales were like a canvas that could be painted upon. Zuru had the ability to change his coloration, to match his surroundings, which was far different than what the snakes of the Hebisuuhai were capable of.
Her knowledge of her clan’s Taijutsu became more accessable when she turned eight, when she was allowed to train under one of her elders to learn how to more fully grasp the idea of how to use her odd abilities, though she could not remain long enough to learn specific techniques, she entered the academy already equipped with a high perceptive skill in genjutsu and a blooming speed-based taijutsu. Her years at the academy provided her with little that her foster parent hadn’t already taught. During this time, given that she was being raised by one of the teachers at the academy, gave her a very social yet unsurprisingly snobbish attitude towards others. She has a hard time looking up to others, and if given the chance, she finds it easy to find the weaknesses of others and look down upon them. Her time at the academy was spent doing little training and study, and was instead spent picking apart the minds of her classmates. Sakuya knows her way in and out of a crowd, and is highly sociable. While she has little need to see her birth-parents again, she trains hard in hopes of one day making them feel terrible for abandoning her.

Who am I?


The Book of Notable Contacts

My Journal

Month of October 2016

A long road ahead: Team Chimera
Team Chimera has a long a tumultous road ahead of it. It was two weeks ago that my team nearly split itself apart when Chouko and Yume came to odds. The story I gathered was rather simple. Chouko, in her bid to gain my respect, wanted to take on a possibly dangerous situation alone. Yume pushed back, wishing to remain in the laws of the village. What happened next stumps me. I've never had a terrible relationship with my fellow team mates, so when that argument turned into a division of my team I was baffled. It was Yume who brought the argument to my attention, worried about Chouko. I learned later that Chouko had attempted to flee the Land of Lightning. It wasn't long before I was called into the Head Ninja's office and removed from my position as leader of Team Chimera. Everything happened so fast. Perhaps leadership wasn't for me… At the very least, I do get a short break from the action. That's a positive swimming in a sea of negative.

Month of September 2016

Recollections: Yume
I was tasked with introducing myself to some of the future members of a team I was assigned to guide very recently. One such individual was Yamayuki Yume. Someone I am already quite familiar with. Of all the individuals I am tasked to guide, she is someone I know the most about. Yume is blind. Blind not because of some inherent disability present in the clan. Blind because of something that happened to her long ago. I met with Yume to discuss her reasons to be a shinobi, and her reply satisfied me. She fights for the betterment of self, and the betterment of the village.
Recollections: Chouko
Interestingly enough, I was tasked with testing Chouko's abilities and learning who Chouko was. She revealed to me a secret that I doubt she will be able to keep for long. She is a member of the Shimizu clan, the daughter of Shimizu Cho whom was once a (PC) member of Kumogakure before she died. That said, Chouko is someone who suffers eternal pain for the same reason her mother was rejected from Kirigakure. I met with Chouko to discuss her reasons to be a shinobi. Her reply did not satisfy me. She had little ties to the village itself, and merely wanted to get powerful… For revenge.
Recollections: Genbu
I was tasked with introducing myself to some of the future members of a team I was assigned to guide. The last individual of this team was an individual whom only went by 'Genbu'. Born in the Land of Tea like I was, he is a member of the confrontational branch of the Kemonoken. He came to Kumogakure for unknown reasons, and excelled in the academy quite easily. I've seen his bloodthirst first-hand. I admit that it worries me. It wasn't until I fought him hand to hand that he respected me. His reply did not satisfy me, because he failed to reply. I could tell, however, that he became a shinobi to better himself.
The Formation of Team Chimera
After discussion with the administrative staff, I have finally officialized the name 'Team Chimera'. A Chimera is a three-headed beast, with each head having a mind. All three heads work together in perfect unison. The face of the lion goes to Genbu, who has the raw physical ability to attack directly. The head of the goat represents Yume. I pay homage to the mountain goat, for the Yamayuki dwell in the mountains. However, the reason I assigned her as the 'goat' is because the goat is a symbol of raw 'magical' energy. Her ninjutsu prowess guided by her clan's nejigan is powerful to say the least. Finally, the head of the snake goes to Chouko. The snake. It both holds a fair amount of importance to me personally. However, Chouko does not have that representation because I dote upon her. She is the most 'clever' of the three. She is neither as strong, nor as gifted. What she has, however, is a creativity without inhibition that makes her an excellent shinobi.

Skills And Abilities

T2 - Start (Highest TF)
T1 - End

RP Logs

I use my diaries to post most logs.


Other Media

Pictures of Sakuya that I have comissioned. As time progresses, I spend more effort. They all look silly, but they are at least good representations.

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