Himitsunoi Masanori
Himitsunoi Masanori
Birthplace Land of swamps
Birthdate 11/15/15
Gender Male
Age 23
Height 1,84m
Weight Variant (~80kg)
Blood Type Tar/blood mixture (irreproduceable, water is neccasery for natural production
Kekkei Genkai Tar release
Classification None
Areas of Expertise Taijutsu, ninjutsu
Clan Unkown
Affiliation Kirigakure
Nickname Shinigami
Team None
Ninja Rank Wanderer
Genin-Equivalent Age 8
Chuunin-Equivalent Age 13
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Water (tar)
Element (Secondary) Fire (affinity)
Element (Special) Tar release
Family Unknown
Signature Jutsu
Dancing twin moon slash


Himitsunoi Masanori, son of Himitsunoi Shoda… a ninja from the land of water, has never lived a peaceful life. Poisoned at an early age by his father who was obsessed with genetical manipulation Masanori never had the chance to live like every normal child should. Spending most of his early youth sick, having been on the brink of death more than once simply because his father didn't see the progress he wanted to see. Masanori was a project for the insane, dying proffesor. Nothing more. Or was he? He was the perfect legacy of a failed scientiest. His father first tried manipulating his own genes, which went horribly wrong. Condeming himself to death. He disappeared just before Masanori turned five, and his health turned stable.

Masanori however went through extensive genetical manipulation through the use of chemicals. His skin is pitch-black as coal. Occasional drips of what soon seems to be tar ride down his skin at a regular interval. His body is constantly converting water to tar, the effect of his father's madness. The boy's mind scarred, he was left alone on the Island of Kubuza. Near the land of swamps. Where Masanori was forced to fend for himself. These days the island is uninhabited, rumoured haunted by the black reaper, a deadly entity black as night, wielding a scyth and strange, dark magic.

People who know the true story know that Masanori took it to himself to murder most men on the island when he turned 11. And then murdered everyone else when he turned thirteen. By that time he was used to the wild. His only source of civilization were his father's books in the large liberary left for him. Ranging from stories and epics to ninja manuals to his father's research.

It was strange to read about yourself as nothing but an experiment. There was a fond, loving tone in his father's writing, something he can't remember at all. Nothing makes sense for Masanori, who started walking out onto the sea when he was thirteen, climbing aboard a pirate ship, murdering the captain and claiming it his. His blood-thirsty reputation only growing amongst the sea, and in far-away lands. Where he continued training and joined several bands of mercenaries. Developping his abilities, favoring the scythe as his favorite weapon, along with Jutsu's based on his tar-release.

After receiving a letter supposedly send by his dead Father requesting Masanori's immidiate return to his old home Masanori set sail to the land of swamps. No patience for antics like these, though the shallow, curious ninja can't shed the feeling that this might be his Father… and if it is, he really… really wants to kill him. In truth, it was Tadashi who sent him the letter, curious after the implications of the research (since Masanori burned all the research his father wrote down.)


Masanori, commonly referred to suffers from distinct mental damage along with heavy trauma and detachment. He has trouble understanding normal emotions and confuses emotions he does have. His affinity for death, or the extreme opposite of it, the abstinence of death stems from the fact he never died during the cruel experimentation by his father. Masanori is slowly learning to function in society of Kiri. Though his quirks will and have gotten him into trouble more than once.

He recently found out he can be an exceptionally good and patient teacher. Though what this entails is still a mystery for him. And it does cost him significant effort to do. Though it seems to come natural. Something he can perhaps over time perfect.



Before you stands a tall man with pitch-black skin, which adds to the chilling vibe he emits. He's clearly not tanned by the sun his skin being black as coal. His muscular frame is shrouded by a cloth blazer with a deep v-neck, that reaches down till just above his abdomen. There two leather strapped metal bands tightly strapped around Masanori's waist. Decorated with metal studs.

Another black leather band is slung over his shoulder, which holds a gloomy looking scythe in place, the metal clearly recently sharpened in an unusually sinister shape.

Its muscular arms are decorated with several pieces of thin metal wire, attached to leather and metal wristcuffs that are clearly made for decoration. A large purple tattoo resides on its right bicep, in the shape of a skull with long drawn decorative lines. The same shape of the tatoo is an emblem which can be found engraved in the scyth's handle and the metal bands and wristcuffs.

His lower body is protected by a black velvet coated plate. The same material seems to protecting his feet and shins. Each of the armor pieces carrying the same emblem.

His face is protected by an engraved mask, his head covered by a black cowl. His eyes emit a yellow-blue hue while there's clearly a breathing piece in the mask. If you take a closer look at his skin you can occasionally see a thick droplet of black tar gliding down, only to be absorbed back further down.


Ninja Journal

Skills And Abilities


Chi o nomu


Chi o nomu, his scythe is literally called blood-drink. The weapon forged in a land far from the shore of the Shinobi lands. Other than being extremely sharp and sinister looking… it has another property.

This weapon may go blunt, however it can not be sharpened by any normal means. This weapon requires and eats blood to sharpen its blade. It's a legendary weapon he stole during a war he fought in with a mercenary group, but it's likely barely anyone in the Shinobi world would recognize it. Regardless, if someone tries to part him from his scythe he will fight to the death. Those two have an… understanding.

P.S: There is more behind this weapon, far more, but I'll leave that for you to find out ic'ly!

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