Himura Junan
Himura Junan
Birthplace Land of Bears
Birthdate October 13
Gender Male
Age ????
Height 6'4
Weight 260
Blood Type O Negative
Kekkei Genkai N/A
Classification Wanderer
Areas of Expertise Unknown
Clan N/A
Affiliation None
Team None
Ninja Rank ?????
Ninja Registration ??????
Academy Grad. Age ??
Chuunin Grad. Age ??
Nature Type
Element N/A
None Known
Signature Jutsu
Brain Damage

"Are you certain you want to die this way?"


The towering, muscle-bound Junan seemed to appear out of nowhere months ago. He has been seen investigating scenes of death in many countries, yet none have any evidence of who might have committed the crime. While not for any village, he has not shown any malice toward any either. He simply wanders from country to country, making acquaintances and studying out the area. As of late, he has been staying around the Land of Wind, mostly in the San Sara Duruta. There are rumors flying around of him taking out slave traders on their way there, sometimes even actually inside the gates.

OOC: You definitely don't know any of this ICly.


Little is known about Junan's personality. He has been seen investigating many scenes of death, yet never showed sympathy nor guilt. Anyone taking a strike at him seems to amuse him more than anger him. He seems to toy with opponent's and shows little mercy, yet he has yet to be seen actually starting any sort of confrontation on his own.

OOC: No one knows this next part ICly.

Junan is a vicious killer who kills for no reason other than his own purposes. People are mere resources to him, completely expendable for the purpose of keeping himself immortal. He would as soon kill a person as look at them.




Showed up on Grid and Traveling Ever Since: Age Unknown

Character Pics


Junan has pretty much only ever been seen performing Taijutsu. One might question whether he actually knows any Genjutsu or Ninjutsu. However, his Taijutsu skills are quite destructive and amazing, so he doesn't seem to need the other two.

Theme Songs

This song fits Junan in that he has made himself immortal. He believes there is none that can kill him.

This song fits Junan in that he has spent several lifetimes growing stronger and keeping himself immortal by killing people.

This song fits Junan in a few ways, one because he has killed many people, and another because he has lived for so many decades.

Mission Log

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