Hishen Kataru
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Birthplace Tree Country
Birthdate 17 August
Gender Male
Age 18
Height 1.8 m
Weight 82 kg
Blood Type O-
Kekkei Genkai Rankoro
Classification Shinobi Logistics
Areas of Expertise Scroll Style, Seals, Logistics
Clan Rankoro
Affiliation Kirigakure
Team Not in a Team
Ninja Rank Chuunin
Ninja Registration 9216040
Academy Grad. Age 15
Chuunin Grad. Age 18
Nature Type
Element Water
Signature Jutsu
Scroll Seals

Even shinobi need mailmen. For every high-profile special forces ninja in a village, a dozen others, ninja or otherwise are needed to support their operation. For Kirigakure, those support ninja's numbers include Hishen Kataru.

His official classification is Logistics Ninja, meant to keep the flow of goods and services flowing within and outside his country's borders, to make sure that the teams are always armed and ready no matter how many kunai they work through in a single day. In times of crisis or war his unique skills are what keep the front lines supplies, even going so far as to carry heavy war machinery into battle through their unique seal and scroll jutsus.

Practically however, Kataru has found that it is usually very boring. Far more the lord hoping to have his wife's dress delivered earlier than the critical message that the whole village depends on.



Kataru is focused but shy, easily flustered and often looking to others for leadership. Despite this he is actually quite skilled, more deserving of his Chuunin rank than he would give himself credit for.

Kataru has a tendency to mutter and even talk out loud to himself. When he has the ear of someone else he also tends to talk endlessly, unless embarrassed or if protocol dictates otherwise.


Kataru is a master in Scroll and Seal Style. He is not yet however a master of many Scroll and Seal Style Jutsus, still learning many of the combat-uses of his style.

He has limited to no ability with elemental jutsus, something his bloodline allows him to overcome. By using elemental calligraphy he can create seals on scrolls or clothes ahead of time containing his elemental or even non-elemental jutsu, releasable through a simple flow of chakra. This allows him much greater flexibility with his abilities, both the ability to scribe the seals anywhere and the fact that he no longer has to fire elemental jutsus from his mouth.

He tries desperately to hide this ability however and would often attempt to hide this by calling out attack names or using unnecessary hand seals to hide the secret behind how he is really performing his jutsu.

Outside of combat however is where his skills really shine. He is known to carry a catapault sealed inside a scroll on his back around with him, along with enough weaponry to arm an entire platoon of genin, despite not being trained in how to use most of these.

He has also mastered the ability to encrypt and decrypt messages, both by hand and with algorithms, and by using chakra to seal and obscure the messages.


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