Hizumu Arashi
Hizumu Arashi
Birthplace Boat near present day Kumogakure.
Birthdate 7/21/2 B.F.
Gender Male
Age 16
Height 5'6
Weight 118
Blood Type AB-
Kekkei Genkai Storm Manipulation
Classification None
Areas of Expertise Ninjutsu, and Boats.
Clan Hizumu
Affiliation Kumogakure
Team None.
Ninja Rank Chuunin
Genin-Equivalent Age 12
Chuunin-Equivalent Age 16
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Lightning Manipulation
Element (Secondary) Water Manipulation
Element (Special) Storm Manipulation
Father Hizumu Nowaki
Signature Jutsu
Laser Beam

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Arashi at an early age showed prowess in the ways of the sea even more than his family before him. He enjoyed time at sea, and worked on a ship with his family before he could read, and write. Eventually news had reached their ship that a few ships were sunk from unknown circumstances out on their usual route. The captain of the ship ignored the pleas of everyone on half the people on board deciding to sail the route anyways. The next morning was the day they planned to set sail, but that night Arashi stumbled upon his parents in a meeting with a few other members of the crew. Listening in allowed him to catch a few words. The most important which were talking about leaving the ship or mutiny. He went to bed that night after a long time thinking about it. He was woken up the next day by his parents, but as he walked outside it was darker than usual. The sun wasn't even rising yet. He was told that they were leaving the ship, and doing what a few others had already. They were going to head to Kumogakure. They got to the edge of the ship before being spotted by the captain. Somehow they had caught word of the meeting, and had people blocking the exit to the ship as well. The captain walked up, and grabbed his mother, Kosame, before threatening her life. My father, Nowaki, was told to give up the name of the person who brought the meeting together. He just stared them in the face saying he wasn't willing to do that. The captain then proceeded to try to murder Arashi's mother. Before he got the chance to do it the rest of the crew woke up from the commotion, and came from below deck. Up they came before catching the captain off guard. The captain was hit allowing his mother to get free. A fight broke out between the mutineers and the loyalists while his mother and father tried to get him off-board. He was about to be escorted off the cruise ship when his mother was grabbed from behind. He watched in horror as she was mutilated before his very eyes. His dad attacked the killer, and told Arashi to get off the ship. Arashi didn't hear a thing though as he was on the deck of the ship crying as he stared at his mother's corpse. After the world seemed to slow around him he got up staring at everyone on board. His father noticed what was happening as he is the one Arashi learned it from. He used the storm release technique of the Hizumu clan, Laser Beam, blasting people from both sides. Next thing you know he fainted as his chakra was drained. The next time he woke up he was in a hospital bed. He had heard someone who he guessed was his father speaking to someone else. Arashi had supposedly killed most of the people on board with his attack. He now lives in the village of Kumogakure with his father. He entered into the academy and quickly became a genin with his exceptional ninjutsu at the time, but he did have a problem with perceiving genjutsu. It was bad enough to almost single-handedly keep him from graduating. It took him much longer to become a chuunin though as he struggled to work well with others. The most you tend to see from him is following orders without much arguing.


Arashi is a mostly quiet serious individual, but he can relax and let loose sometimes. He has a love for ships, and the open ocean which is the reason he now helps out at the docks when he can. He keeps to himself about anything bothering him, and most of the time will try not to grow close with others. His idea of close would be on terms to where they considered each other like extra family over just mere friends. Regular friends are really just people he knows to him.


Arashi has a greyish hair color with tints of pure white shining threw in some places. His hair is kept pretty short nowadays,and is spiked up on most oocasions. He has big eyes colored an algae green color. He stands at about 5,6 and weighs 118 lbs. His clothes tend to come across as normal clothes of a Kumo chuunin, but he made a few alterations to make it feel more like his old clothes during his shipping days.


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