Hozuki Aishio
Hozuki Aishio
Birthplace Kirigakure
Birthdate 12/21/01
Gender Female
Age 8
Height 3'8"
Weight ??? lbs.
Blood Type B+
Kekkei Genkai None
Classification Genin
Areas of Expertise Discovering the Discovered
Clan Hozuki
Affiliation Kirigakure
Team Class 5-A
Ninja Rank Genin
Genin-Equivalent Age 8
Chuunin-Equivalent Age N/A
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Water
Element (Secondary) N/A
Sister - Age 17 Hozuki Karin
Sister - Age 18 Hozuki Kairi
Brother - Age 19 ???
Brother - Age 14 ???
Mother - Age 39 ???
Father - Age 41 ???
Signature Jutsu
Hozuki Hole Puncher

An excellent example of the worst in the Hozuki clan. Loose with words and eager to show off.



The Hozuki's Surface
Like the surface of many beautiful great body's of water, Aishio comes off as strictly pleasant, a great sight to see and even fun to hang around. You see, Aishio believe's in life being awesome, for everyone, unless they're really trying to be dull, she's the type of person that could squeeze personal fun out of a grain of sand somehow. She holds a pleasant personality, often willing to sacrifice her own happiness or well being to cheer someone else up, though she can easily shift to name calling if the person doesn't follow her wishes, which is the small bit of being spoiled that she actually shows.


Short messy platinum blonde hair falls from Ai's head, cropped to stop at her neck, while her bangs are actually left to fall over her eyes making it a wonder how she actually sees where she's going. Said hair tends to leave her facial features non-descript, her ears are barely seen through the full head of hair, her eyes are more or less always hidden behind the veil. All there is, is the rounded tip of her nose and thin pink lips that contrast heavily against her pale skin. That little bit of information on how the child looks is generally all that most get.

Seriously there is honestly very little to this girl, very little indeed. Standing at 3'4", she's easy to lose in a crowd, even easier to 'lose' without one. Her frame is thin, fed, but not fed junk so there's also not much weight to her and there seems to be a lack of any serious muscle, it is safe to assume she is a new student or not working towards being a ninja at all, not really strange for the age she appears to be.

Often capped on her head is a ski hat, designed to look like a cartoony black bear, with fake ears popping out the sides to boot. Along with this constant adaption of winter apparel is a Hozuki crest marked, large grey fleece, that completely folds over her hands and is usually zipped up to the point of covering her mouth. The fleece falls to her thighs, letting it effectively work like a short dress. Despite not being a ninja, she's gotten ahold of some black ninja sandals in her size.


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Ninja Journal

Skills And Abilities


OAqua Bullet
OChakra Dodge
OChakra Physical
OHidden Mist Technique
OHozuki Hole Puncher
ORevealing Mist
OWater Clamp


Academy Basics

RP Logs

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