Hozuki Sarasa
Hozuki Sarasa
Birthplace Kirigakure
Birthdate 4/1/4
Gender Female
Age 14
Height 4'5
Weight 100
Blood Type AB
Kekkei Genkai Hydrification
Areas of Expertise Ninjutsu
Clan Hozuki
Affiliation Kirigakure
Ninja Rank Genin
Genin-Equivalent Age 12
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Water
Father Hozuki Akito
Mother Hozuki Karima
Sister Hozuki Rensa
Brother Hozuki Ryuu (deceased)
Brother Hozuki Yaiba (deceased)
Signature Jutsu


Sarasa, Asara, Ara. This girl has three different alter egos. But it goes beyond that. Three different memories, three different pasts, and three different personalities. It’d be closest to say that the Hozuki is three people living in a single body. Sarasa is the face she has most of the time and the face to fit in, as she grows into a fine shinobi and Hozuki. Perhaps it is her greatest weakness. Or perhaps what is impossible for one can be possible for the next.




Saying that Sarasa has multiple personalities falls short of the truth. She is closer to three people living in the same body. Sides of herself so divorced from one another that she’ll literally be unaware of what she’s been doing as one of her egos.

Asara: Asara is the past. She knows the light and darkness within her family. The joy, the rage, and the truth.

Sarasa: Sarasa is the the present. She knows only of the past few years and now believes in a vague and pleasant past. She's the ideal shinobi…except for the fact that she's unstable and possibly mad.

Ara: Seldom seen and for good reason. Though Asara embodies sadness, and Sarasa represents contentment, the rage and bitterness they're unable to deal with comes out in the darkest and most dangerous times.



Sarasa has short and shaggy hair. It's a light gray, but there's no mistaking her for a young lady. Or an older girl. Her eyes are a dark gray that may flash an unsettling silver in certain lights. Her smiles come easy, sometimes warm and light, and other times cold as snow.

Sarasa wears a long shirt, that goes past her hips. Her legs are covered in capris that end just above her knees, which are most often grass stained and dirty from training. Her blue shinobi sandals match the forehead protector wrapped around her leg.



Theme Song

AMV: Split Personality - Ayashi No Ceres by Amy Coulson

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