Hyūga Touma
Hyūga Touma
Birthplace Hyūga Village
Birthdate May 14
Gender Male
Age 19
Height 6'3"
Weight 195 lb
Blood Type A+
Kekkei Genkai Icon-Byakugan Byakugan
Classification Wanderer
Areas of Expertise Juuken
Clan Icon-Hyuuga Hyūga
Affiliation Fuuma Alley
Team None
Ninja Rank Wanderer
Ninja Registration unregistered
Academy Grad. Age n/a
Chuunin Grad. Age n/a
Nature Type
Element Icon-Water Water
Icon-Lightning Lightning
Relatives Nephew of the Hyūga Elder
Data Chart
Signature Jutsu
Elemental Jūken

Hyūga Touma was a bright young Hyuga that showed promise within the clan. Taken away from his family to train in a secret location with a select few other Hyūga while the war was going on, he returned to his clan to find out that talks of peace had forced the clan to move to a newly established village called Konohagakure. Touma's family was one of few that stayed behind, unable to accept living amongst lesser clans like commoners.

After years away from clan life, Touma took up residency within Fuuma Alley. Living in the area, he found he could not turn a blind eye to all the wrongdoings going on in the Alley and started cleaning up the place. Eventually Touma found he had a following of people with like-minded ways of thinking and created a group of strong individuals not unlike a gang. Presently, Touma's group has strong ties within Fuuma, running local bars and clubs and keeping everyone they can honest.

Touma's History

Touma's Involvement in Hyūga Clan History

At a young age, Touma was taught the ways of the Hyūga clan. Growing up as a kid, he idolized his father, Hyūga Todoroki. The clans were at war constantly and the Hyūga were one of the most notorious across the land, unrivaled in taijutsu because of their Gentle Fist style. From 10 years old, the young boy was send away to train with tutors while all his friends went to help fight in the wars. If one day he was going to be inheriting the clan, the clan couldn't have anything happen to him.


__ Constant clashes between warring clans began to have heavy casualties as the Uchiha and Senju battles raged on while the Hyūga tried to remain secluded away. It was normal for the Hyuga to keep to themselves and ignore other clans, having an elitist attitude. But fighting was inevitable and eventually the clans all grew tired as the fighting lost its meaning. While Touma was off training many of his friends passed away or grew into promising young Hyūga ninja. Eventually, the time came when the leader of the Senju clan approached the Uchiha with a truce. After the truce was signed, the leader of the Senju approached the Hyuga clan with the idea of Konohagakure. Touma was recalled to his village during this period and was there to witness the events that took place.

From the moment his Uncle shook hands with the leader of the Senju clan, Touma's life took on a new direction. Konohagakure was established from the truce of clans in the Land of Fire and eventually the Land of Wind, Stone, Water and Lightning followed. The world was at a momentary peace as Lands continued to organize and grow in strength. As the Hyūga were relocating to Konohagakure, Touma's father voiced his opinions to his brother, the current leader of the Hyūga main family. His concerns were that the Hyuga would lose their prestige and honor by allowing themselves to commune with other clans like commoners when they deserved so much more, a belief that many of the Hyūga shared. The argument between brothers was so severe that Touma was forced to watch his friends and family leave for Konohagakure while his family stayed behind and were shunned as traitors.


Hyūga Touma was born into the clan by two great ninja within the Hyūga clan. Hyūga Sera and Hyūga Todoroki were renowned within the clan as two of the strongest, yet nothing could match the power of Todoroki's brother, the current leader. Strength was everything within the clan and to gain influence of the elders you had to prove yourself in battle for the clan. Touma was just a young child when he was taught the importance of the clan and maintaining the power it had and the fear it swept over the other clans just at the mere mention. He trained hard with his mother while his father went to war for the clans, always returning with scratches or wounds but a smile on his face. His parents were kind people for a couple living in such dark times and tried raising him the best they could. Their hard work paid off when Touma was acknowledged by his uncle as a potential future clan head candidate due to his growing strength within the Hyūga bloodline. He was only 10 years old when he was sent away to train with a few others, though it was really just to protect the potential heirs from harm. Touma was taught main branch techniques in order to master his ocular jutsu for the strength of the clan. He developed a deep bond with his instructor, who's radical views on current clan politics rubbed off on him. His parents did not like the young man he was becoming and yet they did not get a chance to step in.

When Touma was 14 years old the current leader of the Senju clan approached his clan with the concept of a peaceful village where powerful ninja from all over the Land of Fire would live in order to preserve the strength of Fire. The clan was divided while the wars slowly died and eventually a decision was made to join with Konohagakure. His father was the leading opposition to this idea and when the decision had been finalized, he got into an argument so heated that he and his brother parted ways, taking his family with him. Touma had been recalled from his training location before then after word of peace brought the potential heirs home again. He was forced to watch his friends and family members leave for a better life while a select few including his father and mother went their own way, branded as outcasts.

Touma's life from then on was peaceful for three years. He trained daily with his father who was hard on him, taking out his frustration on the boys training. His mother settled down into a house role though she still occasionally helped Touma with training. His mother specialized in a defensive style of the Gentle Fist, something not recognized by the main branch of Hyūga and Touma was interested in learning all he could during the slow years. Being acknowledged by his uncle, he was a quick learner in whatever his parents taught him and eventually became quite well versed in his clan's bloodline style.

Three years passed and Touma was growing into a young man. He left his parents to their own lives and decided it was time to take his life to the outside world. Inheriting his father's grudge over the betrayal of the Hyūga clan for casting them aside, Touma headed north rather than south towards Konohagakure. Disguised as a traveler, the young ninja made his way through life one day at a time.


Touma is a misguided soul with a kind heart that has been scarred from past events in his life. He is by no means the perfect person, nor a demon in disguise, in fact normalcy fits well with this ninja. Never one to get or make a joke, he takes every situation seriously and does his best in everything he does. He makes it a personal goal to know everyone within his clan and seeks betterment and growth so show his clan one day they were wrong to dismiss his family. Aside from this hatred, he is committed enough to work with others for the betterment of himself or a few coins. Making his way through life as a mercenary now that he has left his family, he gets by on various jobs that are posted in towns he visits.

His attitudes towards Konohagakure itself are based on a neutral stance. Trying to not get involved in much that wouldn't affect his clan knowing he was alive has been successful so far and he wants things to continue that way. He believes everyone has their rights and freedoms to be their own person and has even allowed himself to associate with other former rival clans, which is a huge step for a Hyūga born and raised on old traditions.

Three years after the betrayal of his clan, Touma has spent his life wandering the world, calling Fuuma Alley one of his many homes. Still carrying the elitist attitude of the Hyūga clan, he has become a little more 'loose' with emotions and doesn't carry himself with his nose so high anymore.
Playful with women and short with men, Touma immediately forms opinions of people upon first meeting. Always sharp yet playing dumb, Touma wants others to underestimate him as a threat in order to gain knowledge, power, or whatever else he thinks those he meets can give them.
Spending most of his time in Fuuma Alley, Touma is creating quite a name for himself. Local bar drunk by day, and doer of good by night, no matter how bad he tries to be, his proper upbringing and loving father and mother has molded this Hyūga into an ethical young man.


Even the casual onlooker of this young man would immediately be drawn to his eerie white iris'. Marking him as a member of the Hyūga clan wherever he goes, those white eyes of his serve as a constant reminder of his old home. Dark brown hair cascades down to brush his shoulders. With high cheekbones and a well structured face, his pale skin is a sharp contrast to the dark hair yet seems to somehow fit well with his eyes. Often remaining stoic, his forehead rarely creases in frustration or to show any kind of emotion at all. He is tall, standing somewhere above six feet, and fairly athletic which makes him seem that much taller. Well defined legs and arms are usually hidden away beneath his choice of clothing.
Choosing to drop all ties with his former home and clan, this young man wears no clothing or symbols that may mark him as being from any village, even though his eyes give his heritage away. Because of this fact, he chooses to wear shades over his eyes unless in battle. Aside from that accessory, his clothing remains simple. He wears a white tee shirt with a long black overcoat and black cargo pants for the sheer convenience of the pockets. Black combat boots and a black wrist band on his right arm complete his usual attire.


12 B.F. - Touma was born into the Hyūga clan.
2 B.F. - Touma was acknowledged as a candidate for the main branch leadership and sent to train with the others. He met Uma during the rigorous training and developed a friendship.
1 A.F. - Hyūga leader at the time, Akomura, shakes hands with Senju Hashiramako to have the Hyūga clan join the Konohagakure ninja. Touma is recalled from the training to witness. Touma's family, along with others, are disowned from the clan for refusing to join other lesser clans.
5 A.F. - Touma begins to meet with members of the Konohagakure Hyūga family. Succeeds in convincing Hyūga Uma to live the life as a wanderer away from Konohagakure.
6 A.F. - Touma seeks funds and resides in Fuuma, building up his money through gambling while cleaning up the scum in town at night.
7 A.F. - Touma establishes a small group of individuals within Fuuma Alley to 'clean' up the town and lord over local businesses. This small group grows and gains more influence within the village.


Nicknamed the White Storm, Touma is known for his mastery of his clan abilities and the threatening Water and Lightning jutsu he combines with the clan abilities.



Yuzuna - Met the young Hyūga princess at a waterfall outside of Konohagakure in a fairly compromising position. Often visited her again at the same spot for a year, succeeded in getting her to come with him and wander the world, only to have her not show at their meeting.

Uma - Fellow trainee of the main branch training camps before the establishment of Konohagakure. Uma's family went with the clan while Touma's stayed behind. Met up again years later, where Touma succeeded in showing Uma the power of wandering the world developing techniques by beating her in a spar. The only Hyūga to have left Konohagakure after Touma.

Miu - Mixed feelings upon meeting Miu again in Sungakure now that Akomura is dead. All his hatred and malice towards Akomura has no place to go now that he is dead and he quickly left the area upon seeing Miu.


Kiku - Met Kiku while she was on a mission and in a bad mood. She was scaring the locals while Touma happened to walk by, and the Hyūga teen decided to test her mood by teasing her. Ended up swinging Kiku around in a passionate dance move ending with a kiss, having the young Kaguya sputtering for words. Afterwords, Kiku hunted Touma down, only to have him turn her away at his door because all she could do was be violent towards him.

Theme Songs

"Turn it up" Sonic Syndicate Battle Start Theme http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DpgFWHLNU7s
"You're Going Down" Sick Puppies Action Fighting http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NlvgFuWY9c4
"Sugar" Def Leopard Time to Flirt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuZ_lKlGTWM
"Good Girls go Bad" Cobra Starship Playboy nature https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCBB945W6ZI

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