Hyuuga Hiroshi
Hiroshi Hyuuga
Personal Information
Birthplace Konoha
Date of Birth Summer
Age 16
Height 6'0
Weight 150
Hair Color Ebony
Eye Color Pearly White
Combat Information
Rank Chuunin
Position Squad Leader
Elemental Affinity Wind Style
Areas of Expertise TaiJutsu
Team Team 03
Favorite Jutsu
Hakke Shukketsu Sho
Data Chart(Thanks Yuzuna)


Hiro was raised with a strong sense of justice and love for his village, and the boy did not believe in pointless killing nor would he condone it or stand for it. This was mostly noted when the hyuuga would come up against a group of punks throwing rocks at a small kitten in the distance. The kittens leg was already injured and it could barely dodge the barrage aimed towards it. To Hiroshi the kittens very life was in danger and it was inhumane and cruel to attack it. The hyuuga would find himself jumping into a fight though he easily had the advantage over the punks who had no ninja training they still managed to give him a run for his money. At this moment Hiro would have made his first friend in the form of a small female kitten. Macha is Hiroshi's Pride and JOY! and he loves that Kitten more than anything. Hiroshi is the son of the hyuuga head Akomura, though there seems to be some white tape around how and why.


Hiroshi is an easy going laid back person, but well not hesitate to show no mercy to those who deserve known. Unlike many hyuuga inhis clan Hiroshi is very open with his feelings towards other clans and see's everyone he meets as an ally.


This pale skinned teen before you stands 5'8 from the ground with a weigh in of around 130-145 pounds. He has long ebony hair which leads down to the end of his back just above his hips. His crystaline eyes sparkle just barely as their pale gaze shifts from person to person, thing to thing, which gives him the look of someone who is deeply interested in his surroundings. His pointed nose rest just above his smiling lips which curve perfectly along with his perky cheeks. Hiro is garbed in black and white matching open sleeved robes. By the size of the sleeves it would appear his clothes are 5 sizes to big. Slung over his broad shoulders is a simple black duffle which seems rather bushed out as if its contents are ready to burst out. Resting above the boys right shoulder is a black Konoha head band with silver plating. He carries with him the smell of cherry blossoms somewhat feminine for a man but the smell is good none the less. for H From the robes open chest view a it would be noted this hyuuga male has a well toned firm body. The robes go down to his waist and seem to be connected to the lower have by a small white sash. The lower half of his robes pants seem rather puffy from the air that fills them when he walks.it.


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Specializes in a Jutsu known as Hakke Shukketsu Sho, The 8 Trigrams-Bleeding-Palm


Mission Log

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