Ie Homu
Ie Homu
Birthplace Dayu
Birthdate 12/12/5
Gender Female
Age 13
Height 4'10
Weight Thin
Blood Type AB
Kekkei Genkai None
Classification Genin
Areas of Expertise Medical
Clan Medical Ninja
Affiliation Konohagakure
Team None
Ninja Rank Genin
Genin-Equivalent Age 13
Chuunin-Equivalent Age N/A
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Lightning
Element (Secondary) TBC
Father Dead
Signature Jutsu
Perfect Surgery


There is one enemy that every ninja strives to overcome. One which stalks every battlefield and claims every great ninja with time: the enemy is death, and from the lowest villager to the Sage of the Six Paths himself, every man and woman must struggle against it.

I was born to a simple family. My mother was a midwife and my father a doctor. Completely mundane, we were content to live our lives untouched by the madness and strife that made up our world. The Ninja Wars rarely came close to our tiny village, though rumors circulated constantly. It was, exciting, in a way. To think of the great Senju and Uchiha, warring all around us but never coming close to us. I was fascinated by these tales almost as much as I was the medical texts that surrounded me.

That all changed when I was seven years old. I'll never forget that day, when three ninja came to our village with a fourth greviously injured between them. He was horrifically burned, in a way my father had never seen before. As though the flames had somehow stuck to him. He didn't know what to do.

For three days he labored over the dying man, but it didn't seem to be getting any better. I went through every text we had, searching for some means by which to understand the method and means of the burn. And eventually, I found it. A salve of crushed leaves and berries couldn't save his skin, that was long past, but it did save his life.

And three days after they left, another team of ninja arrived, and killed my father for helping the enemy.

I think it would be fair to say that my romantic view of the ninja ended after that.

Almost a year to the day later, the four men we helped returned to the village, hoping to recruit my father to the newly-formed Konohagakure. By that time, I had taken his place. But the offer seemed too good to be true, a huge amount of knowledge I could never have gained before right at my fingertips.

I took well to the training, at least in the medical arena, and just four years later I have perfected enough techniques to be recognized as a Genin. In fact, the techniques I had learned from my father's practice were fantastically applicable to the ninja life. The more violent aspects… haven't come quite as easily, but I have at least obtained enough skill to defend myself.


Homu is not the most patient girl in the world, nor is she the cheeriest. In fact, she's somewhat obnoxious. She feels overworked constantly, has a hard time keeping up with the myriad demands placed on her by her duties, and dislikes most patients. Patients, after all, are the reason she's overworked and tired seven days a week. Patients are the worst people in the world.

On the other hand, she considers it her solemn and sworn duty to keep these layabout, undeserving, careless individuals alive. Death is her real enemy, and it is an enemy that all true ninja struggle against constantly. She doesn't enjoy much, but she does take a grim satisfaction when she is able to assist in saving someone's life. Which is why she pushed so hard to learn surgical techniques early on in her career.

Homu would be quite content to dedicate the rest of her life to unlocking the secrets of medicine and keeping people alive in the relative safety of the Konohagakure medical facilities. Unfortunately, this option hasn't been offered to her, and instead she finds herself being pushed to find uses for her skills in the field. She hates fieldwork even more than she hates patients, because she rarely has all the tools she feels she needs to do her job properly.


Ie Homu is a short girl, standing at just about 4'10, with long blonde hair and a sour disposition.

She'd be pretty if she smiled, but she rarely does. Her eyes are a cold green-blue, her lips thin, her cheekbones high. She is only thirteen years old, but already her eyes show a startling amount of intelligence, definitely not any naive or unworldy young woman.

Her Konohagakure Forehead Protector as been wrapped around a medical satchel which drapes from her shoulder. She's wearing simple ninja clothing, a dark green bodysuit and a pair of sandals. She wears the tools of the trade openly; kunai, shuriken pouches and senbon dotted across her outfit.


Plot Hooks

Do you need medical RP? Hit me up! I'm just a Genin but that means I have more time to devote to small nicks and scratches.

Do you need SERIOUS medical RP? Well, I have Perfect Surgery so, I can help you with some nasty operations if they are needed!

Do you need some snark? I can provide snark.

Do you want to train? Homu kind of sucks at being a ninja and is more of a medic right now. She is trying to address that issue because fieldwork is becoming more common.

Do you want to talk philosophy? Homu has been known to wax lyrical about death, life, the role of the medic and more.

Do you have weird anatomy? Homu would love to take a look.

Are you a False Immortal? Homu would give her right arm to get to talk to you for even ten minutes!!

Ninja Journal

Today I completed my first coronary bypass surgery.

I am pretty certain my father wouldn't have known what that is let alone how to do it.

Harvesting veins in itself was nervewracking. Blood is not a pleasant substance, and with the eyes of Sensei upon me it felt even more as though I were being judged. But I focused my chakra in the way I had been taught, and it was as though all the world's medical knowledge were in my head. I swear, I have never felt as calm as I did when I made the incision into the fat merchant's chest.

If Father is watching, I know I have done him proud. That man will live many years thanks to my work today.

Even Sensei was impressed. He said that such a feat would tax half the medical staff he currently has under his command! I am being granted every opportunity I ever wanted, and I have finally risen to seize my place.

After such a display, Sensei said that there could be no doubt. I am to be accepted as a Genin of Konohagakure and a Medical Ninja. Tomorrow, I receive my headband. Today, I will sleep well.

Skills And Abilities

Medical Jutsu - Diagnostic Jutsu, Light Healing Jutsu, Perfect Surgery.

RP Logs

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