Iga "Ryoji" Ayumu


Ayumu "Ryoji" Iga
Personal Information
Birthplace Shiro no kūkan
Date of Birth October 1, -12 B.F.
Gender Male
Age 25 yrs old
Height 5'8"
Weight 140 lbs.
Hair Color Brick Red
Eye Color Sea Green
Blood Type B
Kekkei Genkai Jutsu-Shiryoku-Flesh-Manipulation Shiryoku
Classification Wanderer
Areas of Expertise Chakra Manipulation, Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Information Retrieval
Clan Iga
Affiliation Hanpa/Formerly: Takokujin, Sunagakure
Team None
Ninja Rank Genin(formerly)
Ninja Registration N/A
Genin Equivalency Age 8
Chuunin Equivalency Age 16
Jounin Equivalency Age 22
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Icon-Wind Fūton
Element (Secondary) Icon-Earth Doton
Grand Mother Iga, Atsuko
Father Iga, Ryou (M.I.A)
Mother Emi (M.I.A)
Favorite Jutsu
Banshee Strike

Although born into a shinobi clan Ayumu received only the most rudimentary training in the arts before disappearing into the arid wastes of the Land of Wind for a time. He would later resurface and travel the world as a merchant, hired gun, and even a handyman, evolving with his experiences into a jack-of-all-trades. Although originally governed only by casual whims, desires, and the rare promise that would keep the Iga bound only to the road, his course would forever be changed upon meeting a Ei.



Ayumu is without a doubt an odd ball. This is a fact that he seemingly exploits at every possible turn regardless of the consequences; especially when engaged in social interactions. He is also, like any true Iga, as curious as he is obsessive about information. Though unlike his fellow clan members, Ayumu often disregards straight-forward logic when pursuing and/or understanding any given topic. This is in part because of a personal belief that such ways of thinking is "simply boring" and do not account for the "more subtle details". It is this very same way of thinking that also fuels the pursuit of even the most insignificant of information and ideals.

As a result of these ideals and distrust of others without knowing as much as possible about the individual, barring an exceptional few, Ayumu is difficult to get close to without a love-hate relationship forming as a barrier to help keep most at arm's length. Those exceptional few on the other hand are given his heart, though, the gift can be a double-edged sword if the right conditions are met. Naturally, these conditions varies from person to person.

Beyond his odd view of reality, AYumu is both masochistic and, albeit rarely intentionally, a manipulative person. In the case of the former it is in the sense that for the sake of his pursuits the Iga will more often than not shelve his ideology despite the emotional pain if not physical variety promised when all is said is done. And following it, taking great pleasure from the 'unique' flavor distilled from such negative actions. In regards to the later, Ayumu tends to operate by tiers when it comes to personal limits in satisfying his desires, and will VERY rarely hesitate in going beyond these limits once originally enticed. As far as dislikes go on the other hand, these are only vocalized in regards to a deep-seated hatred of 'short cuts' regardless of everything else entailed with them. This being of course given how they tend to contradict his very ideology. Overall on the surface Ayumu is a contradictory and stubborn individual; who is well aware of the vast majority of his faults and flaws, but refusing all the same to change completely for the greater good!


The man before you stands at around five feet eight, and bears the lean figure not unlike a boxer. His skin is fairly bronze from a lifetime out in the sun or traveling, and yet managed to retain the smoothness of youth with but one exceptional spot. Most often noticed first upon seeing this man is brick red hair most often associated with the Iga or Uzumaki clan. It frames out his face, hanging down over it in places with long blonde bangs, and would cascade far down his back if it weren't so tightly bound braided into a crisis-crossing ponytail. Even so, the low hanging 'tail' is kept wrapt loosely about the neck.
Stranger perhaps than the off-colored bangs is perhaps the natural spikes his hair tends to form. Shadowed by blonde bangs are a pair of faintly sea green eyes set above a narrow nose. Instead, they are typically held slit, further enhancing the image of the man being fox-like due to an absent-minded grin usual present as well.
Although years have long since healed the original wound, the upper right side of the man's face retains deep scarring from a fire. If ever exposed, his back is scarred in a similiar manner, though fortunately not to the point of impairing movement. His perhaps most distinguish mark besides the burn scars is a rarely seen seal inscribed towards the back of his tongue.

On this day a dark grey Chinese style robes with the sleeves rolled back past the elbows, sea-green sash wrapped about the waist, and matching loose black pants adorns his frame. A tan cloak overlaps his body, hiding much of his form and the red umbrella on his person. Although just why would an obvious desert dweller bear such an item however is a mystery. Callused hands and feet equally are left bare for reasons unknown. Except however during special occasions. In which case, white tabi and black slippers adorn his feet, and weathered, black finger-less gloves enclose his hands.


Age 5
Officially began training both in ninjutsu and taijutsu under his grandmother.
Recieved the Tracer Seal of the Iga Clan.
Age 8
Witnessed his first shinobi battle and broke away from the clan through the chaos created by it.
Enslaved by a pair of merchants the following day of his escape.
Age 9
Dual apprenticeship as a merchant and "body guard" by former enslavers.
Age 13
Set free once more following the mysterious death of former employers and disappearance of Kuma.
Age 15
Undertook a special mission set forth by his clan elders.
Joined the ranks of the Takokujin.
Re-established one-third of the “Old Lines”.
Age 16
Meets Ei, and takes her under his apprenticeship.
Age 17
Secretly participates in the Promotion Exams held in Sunagakure.
Age 19
Re-takes his original name, Ayumu.
Age 20
Miyu is born; daughter of Ei and Ayumu.
Joined the ranks of Sunagakure.
Joins the ranks of the reborn Takokujin; Hanpa.
Age 22
Leaves Sunagakure's service under amicable terms.
Age 23
"Retires" from information brokering to try rebuilding his general trade business.


Ayumu, like most of his generation, underwent training in the shinobi arts as an apprentice to an elder clan member. And while under his grandmother Atsuko's watchful eyes Ayumu's proficiency in taijutsu, when used in combination with his inherited kekkei genkai, flourished to the point that his own peculiar Youkai-like combative style began to develop around the age of six. Although his abduction by the Fukui brothers and subsequent life on the road limited his options in acquiring new techniques, a natural keen ‘eye’ for details and quick assimilation of information have aided in honing the Iga’s talents in regards to innovation. The greatest proof of this was shown during the First World Ninja Promotion Exams, when in order increase his odds of survival during the second round Ayumu transformed his sensory organs into bait for both competitors and the local wildlife as seen fit.

As Ayumu grew older and more spiteful of his clan’s methodology, he began to focus his talents completely towards hybrid techniques. The most notable to date is the enhancement of his physicality through chakra and the manipulation of hair to better reduce the strain behind chakra shaping by channeling it through a readily available as well as extremely, flexible physical structure. Ultimately, all techniques developed over the course of his life were made with the intent to be versatile and discouraging. In this way the preferred use of whatever environment is at hand can be exploited, and to simply minimize conflict. Despite these advancements, life as a merchant along with the budding affections to a certain someone resulted in a return to the basic teachings in the use of Shiryoku.


Although exposed at a young age to ninjutsu like most shinobi, it was not until Ayumu’s curiosity led to his being a spectator at the World Ninja Competition and subsequently provided the opportunity to truly garner a respect for Ninjutsu. As a result, Ayumu began focusing more on the purchase and trading of any scrolls (via the black market or otherwise) that offered any potential towards better understanding this style. He also for a short time traded in the life of the merchant for that of a mercenary in order to work alongside (if not fight against depending on the circumstances) various shinobi. In doing so, he attempted to indirectly glean further clues regarding finding a specific style that could best fit his preferred life style. In time his ‘studies’ eventually led to the self-discovery of expelling and shaping of chakra into, within reason, whatever form imaginable.

Following this self-discovery, Ayumu primary focus shifted towards experimenting with Chakra Shaping and the development of techniques the best suited whatever situation cropped up during odd jobs, missions, and occasionally everyday survival while on the road. By happenstance, Ayumu’s return to the Land of Wind and ‘observation’ of puppeteer street performers inspired the development of transforming his hair into an extension of his experimentation with Chakra Shaping.

Ayumu’s temporary return to the Land of Wind for the First Promotion Exams consequently meant being conscripted into Iga Atsuko’s direct services and training to asses rather or not he was still fit to carrying out the sole mission put forth by the Clan Elders. Once it became clear that very little progress was made in capturing or even discovering his father’s whereabouts over the past five years, the majority of his time under Atsuko’s tutelage was devoted towards elemental training and honing his control over the Shiryoku Kekkei Genkai.


Despite what many in the world at large consider a weakness that can only cripple Taijutsu user, Ryoji’s early devotion, naturally high reflexes and perceptive abilities, and assistance with the additional aid of Shiryoku have ensured that the lack of sight is not a hindrance, but at times even an advantage in his regard. And while training under his grandmother, Iga Atsuko, provided the means to learn to better trust his intuition, it was not until a year after his abduction by the Fukui brothers, and subsequently their body guard ‘Kuma’, did his Taijutsu truly began to improve through the latter’s instruction. By the time his training came to an abrupt end due to the death of the Fukui’s brother he was able to readily perceive flaws or weaknesses of most adept taijutsu users and counter attack through a still unrefined Youkai inspired taijutsu style.

Through continued practice over the years that followed this informal training period, Ryoji continued to hone his Taijutsu during his travels, more so for the sake of self-defense above all. Thus, the only steady improvement in Taijutsu for a few years entailed bolstering his endurance and learning to better predict an opponent’s intentions ahead of time and strike at their weakest points versus relying on raw speed or power.

The fear left behind from his encounter with Satsukiyami and the destruction of his right arm, as well as a more pressing feelings of uncertainty in protecting Ei, drove Ryoji towards striving to better taijutsu by combining it with his studies into Ninjutsu at the time. Over the months that followed Ayumu became capable of laying down the foundation for personally mastering Chakra Taijutsu.


Thoughts on Different Lands

Journal Entries




Title Artist Meaning
"Crazy" Gnarlz Barkley What a mad world we live in! And the people, oh, the people are just so deceptive! Its marvelous! Really! Its just lovely, and I can't get enough of it all~

"New Low" Middle Class Rut "There a few greater pleasures, and fewer greater pains experienced than the path of the wanderer. I should know having walked it for so long, forgetting often the beginning and the silent provoker — a thought, or perhaps a dream — ever pushing me forward. Weary as these legs are, and despite knowing what I know, in the end, I march on. I've come too far already to do otherwise.~

"Beautiful Disaster" Kelly Clarkson The Outside and affectionate looking in~ Courtesies of Ei

Title Artist Meaning
"Smoke and Mirrors" Gotye Even the bard has a story. There's always a second side to all the tales. While I'm no bard, at the heart its all the same when it comes to this one. Or is that another tale — another lie?

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