Igawa Kazuko
Igawa Kazuko
Personal Information
Birthplace Degarashi Port, Land of Tea
Date of Birth September 10
Age 23
Height 5'
Weight 85 lbs.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Combat Information
Rank Villager
Position Businesswoman
Elemental Affinity N/A
Areas of Expertise N/A
Team N/A

Igawa Kazuko is a former Tea House Owner from Degarashi Port. Embracing the ideals of the "modern girl," Kazuko is a self-proclaimed business woman who declared independence from her family when she was seventeen.


Kazuko is the eldest child of Igawa Chukoro and Uemura Kinko. Her four younger siblings and herself were schooled to follow their parents' footsteps as tea merchants. At the age of sixteen, Kazuko and her younger brother Takashi were sent to reside with their mother's younger sisters for a summer in the western countryside. Studying the different types of tea and how to brew each to perfection, Kazuko became infatuated with the idea of running her own Tea House.

At seventeen, she moved from her parent's house and found employment at a popular hotel in Degarashi Port. Developing customer service and selling skills, Kazuko's rift with her family increased when she adopted the character and look of a moga. This would cause trouble for her at twenty-two upon the opening of her own Tea House in town. Due to the great influence her parents wielded as successful traders, Kazuko was forced to move in order to continue her business practices.


As a person motivated by business, Kazuko is considered to be both professional and warm when interacting when people. She considers everyone to be customers, whether current or potential, and makes it a point to avoid politics. Kazuko is often found shopping after hours.


Recognizable by her love for current fashion, Kazuko is fond of straight frocks and pumps. She may also be dressed in wool jersey sweater and skirt outfits or sleeveless tunics with asymmetrical skirts. Her hair has been bobbed short around her ears and may be hidden behind hats or styled in finger waves. Bracelets and long necklaces are common, and in the evening Kazuko is known to don long coats with fur trim.


Lacking the basic instruction that a ninja village may provide, Kazuko's skills extend to those that will aid her in business.

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