Inuzuka Kaido
Personal Information
Birthplace Inuzuka Village
Date of Birth March 13
Age 21
Height 5'11"
Weight 165 lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Combat Information
Rank Chuunin
Position Master Trap-Ninja
Elemental Affinity Fire, Wind
Areas of Expertise Traps, Strategy, Ninja Tactics, Poisons, Explosives
Team N/A
Favorite Jutsu
Poison Bomb II


Inuzuka Kaido, or just Kaido as he prefers to be called, is a Chuunin attached to the newly built village of Konohagakure. Before construction was complete, he was a disciple of a heretofore unknown offshoot branch of the Inuzuka Clan who's members practiced a special style of ninjutsu known as trap-ninja. Trap-ninjutsu focused solely on using strategy along with the ability to create poisons, explosives and other devices to 'trap' the unwary. Kaido was perhaps better than anyone at learning this style as he constantly would read any available scroll on basic ninja arts, about common herbs and plants and their properties and usage, among other things. He quickly became a master of making poisons and antidotes and herbal remedies by virtue of years of experimentation, research and knowledge given to him by simple herb women/healers in the small villages around Fire Country.

As a Genin, along with his ninja-dog Bandit, Kaido developed his skills as an apprentice to Clan head Inuzuka Tao and went on many dangerous missions for the clan. He proceeded for many years like this, using his skills and his head for strategy to whoever would pay him and the clan the most. His ability to visualize a battlefield and instantly create tactics to bring victory was particularily prized by Daimyo who needed a spy and/or tactician for their wars. However, as Kaido grew towards manhood, he and the clan became disillusioned from this path as being mercenaries with no real home and constantly under attack by other clans was wearying and driving the clan towards destruction.

When the clan leaders of the Senzu, Akimichi, Uchiha, Aburame and his own clan head Tao agreed to form a hidden ninja village together, Kaido was overjoyed. He threw himself into the construction of the village, tentatively named Konohagakure with a passion, taking on duties as a healer and helping with planting herbs that he had collected over his time as a wandering ninja so that when the time came for him to retire from active duty, he could teach others his skills so that they too could benefit. Over his years, he had written many journals on all the enemies he had faced, what jutsus they used against him, what they looked like, their effects and anything he could puzzle out so that if he came across it again, he would be better prepared against them and defend against them. Just before completion of Konoha, he was granted the rank of Chuunin and now awaits his next mission.


Kaido is always very quiet and deliberate, he will rarely speak unless what he has to say is vitally important. He can be very harsh with his students and/or trainees, but he generally does so for their benefit. He is loyal to the Inuzuka clan and to any and all of his friends and always be ready to defend them wherever and whenever possible. Has been known to be able to use his mind and his almost encyclopedic knowledge of people, jutsus, flora and fauna, and psychology to be able to gain the upper hand in any situation.


You see before you a young man with wavy crimson hair, dark green eyes, an atheletic build and perfect complexion. He wears a smirk on his face most of the time, with an arrogant cast to his features, possibly rubbing anyone he meets the wrong way from the start. Although now, due to being extremely badly burned during a recent Chuunin Exam, half his face is covered in horrible burn scars, making him seem almost two-faced.

His body is perfectly proportioned and his muscles seem geared to athletics rather then pure strength like in a body builder. His musclature is well-defined after long hours of training although again, due to his pushing himself past his limits in the Chuunin Exams, his arms and torso are also covered in burn scars and he carries a very long diagonal slash scar from his left shoulder down to his hip that can partially be seen when his shirt is open.

He wears a form-fitting black open shirt with criss-crossing lacing from the collar to his chest. Overtop of his shirt he wears a muddy brown somewhat thick vest with the symbol of the Leaf Village on the back that have many secret pockets and places where he can hide his many poison vials, herbs, salves, explosives and components for the same, and visible pockets where he can put carry other things. He also wears lightweight black pants that end just above his calves. He also has tape around his thigh with a small pouch attached to it that holds his ninja tools. On his feet he wears a pair of beaten up sandals that hide a very small kunai in the heel. On his forehead rests his head protector, the symbol of a Leaf Ninja.



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