Inuzuka Mikage
Inuzuka Mikage
Birthplace Land of Fire
Birthdate 10/25/2 B.F.
Gender Male
Age 16
Height 5 ft. 9 inch.
Weight 135 lbs.
Blood Type O-
Kekkei Genkai Inuzuka Senses
Classification None
Areas of Expertise Taijutsu, Close-Range Combat, Strength
Clan Inuzuka
Affiliation Konohagakure
Team None
Ninja Rank Genin
Genin-Equivalent Age 12
Chuunin-Equivalent Age N/A
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Earth
Element (Secondary) N/A
Father Inuzuka Hiro
Signature Jutsu
Dog Tackle
Stats Chart: With Otouto (white) & Without (green)

Mikage is an Inuzuka with an Alpha's spirit. He will do anything in his power to defend his friends and family, as well as flex a little muscle to help protect the underdogs. He is prideful, and a bit of a sarcastic brute, but once you learn his soft spots Kage is as loyal as they come. His ultimate goal is to one day become Clan Head, though he has a tendency to feel that such dreams are impossible - considering the current Head is barely older than him, and has already experienced so much more.



Born a couple of years before the founding of the village of Konohagakure, Mikage has lived his entire life in the Leaf Village. A member of the Alphas, the Inuzuka's father had a tendency of studding out his own Nin-ken with many of the female canines of nearby village neighbors. Otouto was the first male pup to be born in his litter, when Mikage was deemed responsible enough to have his own Nin-ken appointed at the age of four. The pair were not always inseparable, as both were the first boys born to their parents, and both had the Alpha mentality of being in control and responsible for everything and everyone. In the end, though, Mikage and Otouto managed to find a balance between the two of them, and have become the truest of companions as any Inuzuka.

At the age of eight, Mikage was enrolled into the Ninja Academy, having shown aptitude in many areas - though, in majourity, his father hoped that it would help to keep him out of trouble. the young Inuzuka was prone to many fights, as an older child, usually due to others picking on him for his small-fry size. Most of that changed, when Mikage hit his first growth spurt, at the age of ten. His last couple of years as a student at the Academy were stuffed with the boy proving his worth, his Alpha mentality becoming less about throwing his strength around and more about honing his mind.

Mikage almost didn't become a Genin with the rest of his class, struggles with Genjutsu showing to be the boy's weakest area for graduating. However, with the help and confidence boost of his Nin-ken and family, the Inuzuka managed to claim his position as a ninja at the age of twelve - and to this day is sure to keep humble about the fact that he couldn't have done it alone.

While still having difficulty in the understanding of Genjutsu, as well as his temper sometimes gaining the upper-hand - as hormonal boys making their mark on life will be boys - Mikage takes pride in his physical strength and talents in other areas of expertise. Now that his bark and his bite are equal, he and his Nin-ken both stand up for the underdogs whenever they see one stuck under an unjustified thumb. Sarcasm might be the price the underdog pays for this Inuzuka taking a stand for them, but in the end it's all in good spirit.


Upon first meeting Mikage, undoubtedly your age would alter how you viewed him. If you were a child, the Inuzuka would more than likely be extremely intimidating, rather tall for his own age and built like a barrel-chested pitbull. Someone a bit older would probably be more inclined to see the teen as a brute, all brawn and no brains. The fact of the matter is, all of these opinions would be fairly accurate at face value, as Mikage does have a tendency to put on an aggressive front to strangers. He won't talk much to you, if he doesn't know you, and if he does say anything his tone is usually considered sarcastic or offensive - though that is in no way the boy's intention. It's just how he hides his shyness.

Anyone who has known the young Inuzuka for an extended period of time will tell you that he is very free-spirited and kind, once you see passed his hard shell and get to the soft, nougaty center. Mikage greatly enjoys sarcasm, as well as anyone who can play along with it or make him laugh with a snappy come-back. This makes the teen rather popular with individuals of his own age bracket, so long as they aren't too snobbish to see the humour hiding behind the words. Laughter has always been the greatest medicine for Kage, and if one manages to get him roaring with it, they're well on their way to becoming his newest best friend. He appreciates the good things and good people in his life, and will do his part to keep up a lively spirit for others to be happy.

One the flip-side Mikage also has a rather volcanic temper, if it gets riled up. It's for this reason the boy has developed a bit of a reputation for causing fights, being very brash and somewhat insensitive to the person labeled as a potential threat or enemy. More often than not, this side of the Inuzuka's personality is what comes to the rescue of others; Mikage does not tolerate anyone dragging down anyone, in his earshot or presence - and he has done well in learning the difference between a friendly nit-pick, and a rude layer of insults.


Built with somewhat short muscles on a tall and lean frame, Mikage doesn't look like an Inuzuka to be reckoned with, even in his young age. Of course, that isn't necessarily caused by his being nearly a head taller than everyone else his age, or the fact that he can lift almost twice as much. It's more due to the rather imposing scars that he has above and around both of his eyebrows. His left brow has two small scars that criss-cross right above it, part of which causing a small gap in the hair growth. The right brow has one, slightly longer, scar that starts just above his brow and cuts through to begin a crescent around the outside of his eye. All of them were caused by hand-to-hand fights, when he was a kid. His nose also appears to have been broken once, but that wasn't anything special - at least, that's what he would tell you, if you asked him about it. The story is actually pretty entertaining.

Mikage's hair is a dark brown, streaked with warmer tones of honey and subtle auburn hues. He has never had a haircut in his life, so the locks fall to almost touch the middle of his back; they also appear a little thin toward the ends, like it may not grow too much longer. His eyes are a sunny green, similar to new-grown grass, lined with semi-long lashes that match the base tone of his hair. His shoulders are set wide, carrying strong arms that have pulled the boy up many a tree and wrestled many a times with the various canines of his village. His core is well-developed, and his legs are strong - both from years of solo training to push himself to be the strongest that he can be.

Most often Mikage wears simple black pants that get tucked into his traditional boots of the shinobi (green). His torso is usually wrapped in a loosely fitting, dark, forest-green jacket with black fur lining the opened collar. Underneath the jacket, Mikage wears a black or white tee shirt that fits just loose enough for him to move around without feeling constricted.

Always to be found around his shinobi's feet is the Nin-ken, wolf-dog pup that the Inuzuka boy has considered his little brother since he first received him - hence the pup's name, Otouto*. The Nin-ken's main colour is a medium, dappled grey with white across his chest and along his belly, as well as all four of his paws. It almost makes Otouto appear to be wearing socks. Focused mainly around the Nin-ken's neck and shoulders is a much darker grey that resembles steel, going up the back of Otouto's head and along the backs of his ears. The Nin-ken is built with strong muscles in his shoulders and hind-quarters, his long legs able to spring on command and his lightly curled tail usually held high with curiosity. Otouto's eyes are of two different colours - the left eye is a bright crystal blue, while the right resembles the green eyes of his shinobi companion.

While not appearing to be the brightest of animals, as Otouto's long tongue is often seen hanging out of the side of his mouth like a stupified grin, the wolf-dog is in fact extremely intelligent. Having been bred to track, Otouto's senses are well-honed. If the pup turns his ears, points his nose, or straightens his tail, his shinobi would be wise to make his own observation sooner rather than later. Otouto has also been trained in the finer understandings of Ninjutsu, able to lend his strength and will whenever it has need to be called upon.

*Otouto means "little brother."


Name Relationship Notes
Inuzuka Hige Delta Jounin Delta Squad leader; teaches Naomi. His ninken are the pup-like (massive) Konsho, and the finicky (snow white) Kizoku

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