Inuzuka Sumire
Inuzuka Sumire
Birthplace Inuzuka Village, Konohagakure
Birthdate Nov 4, 7 BF
Gender Female
Age 15
Height 5' 6"
Weight 149
Blood Type AB
Kekkei Genkai None
Classification Chuunin
Areas of Expertise Close Range Combat, Search and Rescue
Clan Inuzuka
Affiliation Konohagakure
Team None
Ninja Rank Chuunin
Genin-Equivalent Age 12
Chuunin-Equivalent Age 14
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Fire
Father Inuzuka Rokuro
Mother Inuzuka Kiku
Signature Jutsu
Four Legged Style with her Ninken partner Hakuro


Sometimes it's quiet competency that carries the day. When Inuzuka Sumire achieved the rank of chuunin, nobody was really surprised. But, at the same time, nobody came from far away to see how she fared in the tournament, either. She wasn't expected to win, but she did do well enough to make it to the second round. Really, though, it was her performance on both the written exam - which she aced both the first and second times she entered the chuunin exams - and her time during the survival course, where she showed leadership, resourcefulness, and prowess both in stealth and fighting ability. All of the skills that suggested that she was both able and mature enough to be promoted to chuunin.

As the daughter of Inuzuka Rokuro and Kiku, Sumire has spent her life as part of the Delta Clan of the Inuzuka. Both she and her pup, Hakuro, have trained in search and rescue and to support the other members of her pack (or her team) since she was in the academy. Sure of her position, Sumire has never really challenged the alphas, be they the Inuzuka Alpha pack, or the most outspoken and flamboyant members of her class of genin. She's been content to quietly work behind the scenes for everybody's greater success, and she doesn't intend to rock that boat now that she's been promoted to chuunin.

Even though Sumire has a subdued personality, her classmates couldn't avoid but notice how smart she was. Simply put, she was always scoring at the top of the heap on any of the written work. And, more than that, she spent a lot of her free time tutoring her classmates that weren't as good as she was. Generally, her peers thought of her as bookish, but she got along with them well enough. If there was anything that disappointed her instructors, it was that she never pushed herself to excel in her taijustu, ninjustu, or genjutsu. She did enough to pass the practical examinations in the academy, but she was much more interested in working with Hakuro than becoming a master of the kunai, or learning more than the basic techniques that they were teaching all of the students.

It wasn't until she became a genin that her taijutsu skills bloomed. As an Inuzuka, she was expected to fill the role of taijutsu combatant on her three man team, and she dedicated herself to it as she never had in the Academy. It was wise placement - if she had been paired with a Hyuga or another taijutsu expert, she would have been content to let them have the spotlight. But, as she had a role to fulfill and her teammates were counting on her, she refused to let them down, and in so doing grew to master the Four Legged Style of fighting.




It’s not that Sumire has a clinical split personality, but she can be very different depending on the situation. Normally, she’s hesitant and often second guessing herself. It’s not that she’s shy, it’s more that she’s not assertive, and is often concerned that she’s going to do the wrong thing, or that somebody’s going to take what she’s saying the wrong way. She’d much rather be a member of a team than its leader, and would much rather do one on one training than lead a class.

In a fight, though, it’s like she’s a different person. As the techniques of the four legged style make changes to her body, it’s like the chakra flowing through her has unleashed her mind as well. She’s much more decisive and forceful, and sometimes even blunt. Though it doesn’t happen very often, she gets the same way when she’s drunk, too.


Sumire doesn't need to tell people that she's an Inuzuka - it's pretty obvious even if she didn't always have a small pup at her side. Her dark brown hair is pulled back in to a pony tail - and between that tiny bit of styling and the Konohagakure forehead protector actually worn on her forehead, her hair is kept from being a completely unruly mop. She has friendly eyes, but they're so dark that it's hard to tell her iris from her pupil. Her cheeks are painted with two red triangles pointing down, another common affectation of her clan. And, of course, when she smiles - which is frequent - it's easy to spot that she's got exaggerated canines.

She wears very typical garb for a chuunin of the Hidden Leaf Village. She's fit, as one would expect for a kunoichi, but the green flack jacket she's wearing makes it a little tough to judge how curvy her figure is. Likewise, the baggy black pants that she's wearing aren't particularly flattering for her legs, though the heavy material is often more practical on missions. And while her sandals and kunai holder are just two more things that make her look like many other chuunin in a Leaf Village line up, she does show her individuality and wild nature one more way. Instead of the everpresent jacket, she goes sleeveless.

Her constant companion is a small dog named Hakuro. He’s black, except for a big white spot on his back. He has floppy ears, a fairly short muzzle, and, compared to the rest of him, his paws are fairly oversized – suggesting that he’s going to get much bigger. It’s tough to say exactly what breed he is, like many Ninken he’s something of a mutt. Also, like many Ninken, he’s had an extended puppyhood, and will likely live much longer than a regular dog. He’s a partner that can be with Sumire for many years to come.


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Action Girl
Attack Animal
Badass Bookworm
The Beastmaster
Beware The Nice Ones
Canine Companion
Combination Attack
Cute Little Fangs
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Hidden Buxom
The Nose Knows
Primal Stance
Teen Genius
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