Inuzuka Taiki
Inuzuka Taiki
Birthplace Konoha, Land of Fire
Birthdate January 4, 8 B.F.
Zodiac Monkey
Gender Male
Age 21
Height 1.81m (5'11")
Weight 72.6kg (160lbs)
Blood Type 0-
Kekkei Genkai Standard Inuzuka
Classification Clan Alpha
Medic Nin
Areas of Expertise Ninjutsu
Elemental Taijtusu
Medical Seals
Clan Inuzuka
Affiliation Icon-Konoha Konohagakure
Team Jounin-sensei
Team 6
Ninja Rank Clan Head
Ninja Registration 747193
Academy Grad. Age 14
Chuunin Grad. Age 16
Jounin Grad. Age 17
Clan Head Age 17
Nature Type
Primary Element Icon-Lightning Lightning
Secondary Element Icon-Water Water
Signature Jutsu
Shinobu Inuzuka Malamute
Nozomi Red Furred Husky
Combat Ability
Notes: Scale out of 7 due to TF
Blue line plot is with max TF

Knock me down, I'll get back up.

Knock me down again, and I'll jump back up.

Knock me down a third time, and I'll knock you down, with my teeth at your throat.

Do you understand yet? Each time you hit me, each time I get knocked down, I'll get right back up, stronger and more determined than ever. I won't give up, so stop trying to make me.

Taiki, expressing his nindo.


NOTE: This is what is publicly known. The real story behind Taiki, can be found in the collapsible section.

Inuzuka Taiki was born in Konoha to the Founder's family. He was a curious child, always seeming to be into whatever everyone else was doing. This curiosity was considered cute when he was a child, though his sometimes-quiet personality (at least compared to other Inuzuka) did sometimes cause a few concerns. Still, the nin-ken were always able to assure others that he wasn't out causing problems, so not much was said about it, at least until he was 5.

When he first turned five, he started his training as a Founder's family member. He went through all the usual courses, but he quickly found himself a little board deciphering alphabets. He had, and has to this day, a rather large attraction to the dog partners of the Inuzuka, which at the time manifested itself in curiosity of the mating process. He quickly found he'd rather take care of the pregnant dogs than he would just about anything else, including the duties into which he was born. This of course was slightly frowned upon, since he was a Founder's family member, causing Taiki to be watched carefully.

A year later, just before Taiki was to enter the Academy, Taiki's obsessions with the nin-ken nearly lead to his death at the hands of a foreign ninja. The ninja, who Taiki never learned the identity of, somehow managed to infiltrate the clan's compound and made out with a pregnant dog after secretly poisoning its tenders. Taiki was just coming from another lecture at the time when he saw the ninja carrying the dog away, and instead of shouting for assistance tried to stop the man. Of course, a civilian had no chance against a fully trained ninja, but the noise of him being thrown through a door allowed his watcher time to catch up and stop the invader.

Taiki woke up later in the hospital with several broken bones and a kunai wound in the shoulder that just missed the heart. His kaa'san was sitting there with her dog, Nozomi, with a look of both fear and pride on her face. Also present was the dog that was being abducted along with her pups and two handlers. He quickly found out he had been unconscious for about 2 weeks with a concussion and the stab wound. While the medics were sure that he would make a full recovery, it would not be in time to enter the academy that year. He was sad to put off academy training for the year, but he was happy that it had not completely derailed his plans to be a ninja.

However, just because Taiki couldn't enter the academy for that time did not mean that he wouldn't be training. No, a grateful nin-ken mother offered one of her pups to Taiki to train alongside in gratitude. One of the pups immediately poked his head up at this and barked, which marked the beginning of a long and strong friendship between Taiki and his new nin-dog Shinobu. They did just about everything together, including eating sometimes, which gave Taiki his love for rabbit, which was Shinobu's favorite prey. A year later, they entered the academy together, and proceeded to work their way through it, somewhat amazing their sensei's in their abilities with ninjutsu. While they were pretty much average in most other things, Taiki proved to be among the best in the Academy jutsu, picking things up with ease, often first. This lead him to graduate in the 3rd ranking with a reputation for utilizing his ninjutsu along with his clan's fighting style to produce very interesting results. He's remained silent about what he wants to do from here though, though the clan elders speculate it has something to do with perfecting variations of their jutsus into something even deadlier than they already are.



The years, various trials, bright shining moments of victory and soul-crushing defeats have left their mark on the youngest of Konoha Clan Heads. In many ways he is older than his years suggest, putting some truth into the old axiom, “It’s not the years, it’s the mileage.” Taiki has certainly had more than his fair share of mileage, that much is for sure. Generally, he comes across as a concerned visionary with something to prove. He is kind to his friends and empathic toward his patients, but he is also very much outspoken on certain issues. Loyalty is the major focus on his life, and given his past, who can blame him? In fact, his biggest strength is also his biggest weakness. He often expects his friends, his loved ones, his clan, and his comrades to be as loyal as he is, and as such, feels personally betrayed when someone he cares about falls short. In fact, he feels so passionately about loyalty that a friend’s and his lover’s betrayals of Konoha have left him feeling cold anger toward both of them.

Overall, Taiki used to be a loving individual, though that was tempered by a severe mistrust toward almost everyone for a long time. While he has learned to overcome this mistrust for the large part, precious few people have earned his full trust even to this day. The identities of these people are rather easy to discern when one hears him talk, as they’re the only people he ever drops his formal speech to. In other words, they’re the only ones he ever refers to without honorifics, even if he does refer to someone by their first name, it is almost always with the proper honorific attached. Few ever realize, however, that this formality is his way to retain a distance from others.

While Taiki’s formality may provide the most outward, if not subtle sign of the scars the emotional, mental, and physical abuse he received from his clan, it is not the only scar. Not counting physical scars throughout his body, Taiki’s remaining personality scars lie in his anger and his stubbornness. While Taiki has become slower to anger over the years, once his anger has been provoked he becomes rather single minded in it. Those that have angered him soon understand the full fury a wolf-man can exert, even if he appears calm. Taiki’s anger toward certain individuals is near legend, as many have often winced when he finishes dealing with the object of his ire. The sad part is, according to observers, is that Taiki doesn’t have to get physically violent. No, his tongue is often enough when he truly gets provoked. In addition, Taiki is, as one clan member put it, “more stubborn than a god.” Once Taiki has made up his mind on something, very few things will derail him from it, even when those he trusts implicitly attempt to change his mind. This, combined with his anger, makes him a very dangerous enemy to have. It also combines with his loyalty to make him a very good friend to have, especially if you’re trying something new in order to defend that which is most important.


Heroic Spirit
What you Are in the Dark
Iron Woobie
The Fettered
Rage Breaking Point
Beast Man
Dark and Troubled Past
Lonely Rich Kid
Darkest Hour
This Means War!



Inuzuka Taiki looks very little like a typical adolescent Inuzuka. He stands at about 1.81 meters (about 5'11"), and while thin and toned, does not look ripped. Instead, his frame seems to be built more for speed than strength, but old burn scars on his face join other various scars on his body to indicate that he is far from dainty or delicate. In fact, those muscles that do show look incredibly compact, giving him a quite solid appearance. His brown eyes are lighter than the standard Inuzuka black variations, though they are darker than the light brown hair tied into a long ponytail in the back. He bears the standard crimson Inuzuka clan markings on his face, along with elongated canine teeth and seemingly strong but razor-sharp fingernails and toenails. Though he is young, and apparently not as physically strong as some jounin, he has definitely seen his share of battles and life or death situations. Yet his movements are graceful and flowing, both indicative of one of his elemental natures and his status as a medic ninja. Yet unlike many medical ninja, he shows as good a commanding presence outside the hospital as he does within it.

Taiki's outfit pretty much puts his ninja rank status right out in the open. He wears a mainly midnight blue overcoat that extends from his neck to his knees, open in four slits: one each at the front and back and one each on the side. The chest and stomach areas are further covered by a sleeveless, one shoulder vest that is forest green in color. The vest has a multitude of pockets of various sizes, likely containing most of his arsenal. A black belt is worn at the hips, containing other pouches and two hooks. From the hook on Taiki's right side a set of chakram can be seen, each one blackened but razor sharp. On the left side dangles a switchblade sickle, which is attached to a chain that serves as a second belt for Taiki before ending at the left side with a spiked metal ball. The kusari-gama has also been blackened with a flat-black agent that would not show blood should it be used. This contrasts to armored, finger-less gloves that Taiki wears over each hand. His pants are also midnight blue, but looser than the overcoat. They are tucked into a set of toe-less armored combat boots that allow the last third of his feet access to open air, both to show off the claws he has for toenails and to allow for better traction when he has to move.

Accompanying him are his two ninken Shinobu and Nozomi. The elder dog is of the Inuzuka malamute variety, while Nozomi is of the Inuzuka Huskies. Shinobu stands up to Taiki's breastbone chest at the shoulder, tall enough at this point for Taiki to actually ride him, though he doesn't do so. Shinobu's fur is almost pure white, with dark grey fur evident only along the tail and muzzle. His gums are a stark contrast to the fur, being a very dark black with shockingly white, very sharp, teeth. His left eye is brown while his right is covered by an eyepatch, and those claws are very, very sharp. Nozomi on the other hand is younger, and slightly smaller. She bears red fur with a white undercoat, white fur at the ear tufts, and a white fur around her black lips. She stands a few inches shorter than Shinobu, and is built wiry and lean, as if she is more for speed than power. She wears a leather vest full of pouches with the international symbol for "Medic" on the back. The hair on her paws up to each knee is slightly shorter than the rest of the hair on her body, though it all looks well groomed. Her right, blue eye shows a sharp intelligence, being quick to notice things, while her left eye is covered by an eyepatch. Between the two of them, they quickly assess anyone that draws near, signifying that neither dog is a mere pet.








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