Inuzuka Tamotsu
Inuzuka Tamotsu
Personal Information
Birthplace Alpha's Den, Inuzuka Village
Date of Birth April 13th
Age 13
Height 5"5
Weight 110lbs
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Black
Combat Information
Rank Academy Student
Position Future Clan Head(After Grandfather and Father.)
Elemental Affinity Unknown
Areas of Expertise Wilderness Survival
Team N/A
Favorite Jutsu
None As of Yet.

HUH?! What’s this?! You’ve stumbled upon a most secret file? Or have access to such a file thanks to your rank. Welcome to all that you will ever need, or want, to know about Tamotsu Inuzuka. Keep in mind that this information is strictly OOC unless you are like a Jounin with access to such information, part of the Inuzuka clan, or otherwise have a viable IC reason to know this info.

Note: Certain things in Tamotsu’s background is not public knowledge. Like how/where he got Kinari, and anything that happened before the clan joined Konohagakure. If you are Inuzuka you are welcome to know those things as you would have grown up with Tamotsu. Maybe even babysat/been babysat by him depending on your ages.

Now abilities wise, any Konoha Jounin has access to info on any of Tamotsu's general techniques, elemental styles, and really anything outside the four legged style/Inuzuka Clan specific jutsu. You must see Tamotsu perform the Four legged style jutsus/Clan Specific Techniques in order to know he can do them as they are kept secret. Clan secrets FTW!!! Anyhow, I hope you enjoy this in-depth page as much as I enjoyed making it.


A list of events in Tamotsu’s life that have helped to shape who he is today.



Tamotsu stands five foot five and weights one-hundred and ten pounds. His normally blond hair has taken on a light brown look as he has begun to mature. This gives his hair a some what highlighted look if one could see underneath the brown outer layer. Unlike most in his clan Tamotsu doesn't have wild, untamed hair. Only a few hairs here and there aren't lying straight down. The boy's hair is rather thick. His sideburns are kept short and his bangs have been allowed to grow just above eye level. The boy's upper lip is lined with a peachy fuzz as puberty is in full swing.

The teenager has black eyes which are normally aided by a big monocle when it comes to reading. The child has astigmatism which makes it harder for him to read things close up. His skin is very tanned from constant sun exposer and a fair amount of spots, moles, can be seen on his arms and neck. They aren't big and plump as most moles are, more like freckles.

The boy wears a traditional Kimono, when out and about in the village or attending political events, with the red fangs symbol of the Inuzuka on it. The Kimono is a light blue and is normally complimented by ninja sandals. Underneath the traditional wardrobe is a grey Gi which he normally trains in. On the right leg, hidden by the Kimono, is a kunai holster holding five kunai. Upon the child's back a bag can normally be seen. Contained inside are some basic essential tools for survival. Flint, a canteen, wires and string for fishing and trap making as well as a few scrolls, brushes, and ink bottles.

Kinari is often seen accompanying Tamotsu. The animal is about the size of a cocker spaniel and still a juvenile. The dog's fur is ebony black with areas of sun bleached brown. His underbelly and paws are a snow white. His ears naturally stand up and his tail is often seen curled over his back in confidence. The Akita's neck bears no collar as it did in his puppy years. He is an independent dog and will be owned by no one. To Kinari both he and his companion Tamotsu are equals.


Age 4- Attempt made on life, and other pup's lives, by enemy shinobi.
Age 7- Begins learning basic taijutsu as well as tactics and politics.
Age 9- Is deemed worthy enough to begin training in the Four Legged Style. During this time the Inuzuka join Konohagakure.
Age 12- Gets Kinari, has managed to learn Tsuga, and starts the newly founded academy.
Age 13- Acquires Gatsuga and Bushcrafting Skills after a year of training in remote locations.


Description: Basic Taijutsu moves that don't fall under a style and can be learned by anyone. Examples of such Taijutsu include the Chakra Physicals and dodge II/III

Chakra Physical

Chakra Dodge

Four Legged Style

Inuzuka Senses (Although this particular skill doesn't require the Four Legged Style of Taijutsu, I am including it here just because it is only avaliable to Inuzuka, and because I have no idea where else to put it.)

Mission Log


  • I used to play Ishimaru, Matsuo, and Uyeda in 1.0
  • Tamotsu is the Grandson of Tao Inuzuka.
  • He smells of the alpha clan scent.
  • As an alpha Tamotsu is forced to study politics to prepare him for his possible future as clan head.
  • Kinari is his ninja dog
Kinari Photo

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