Inuzuka Tao
Inuzuka Tao
Personal Information
Birthplace Wolf's Den Inuzuka Village
Date of Birth Autumn
Age 15 dog years, 73 human
Height 1.6m upright, usually hunched over
Weight Skinny yet toned
Hair Color Greying
Eye Color Deep brown
Combat Information
Rank Jounin
Position Alpha/Clan Head of the Inuzuka
Elemental Affinity Wind
Areas of Expertise Taijutsu/Genjutsu
Team None yet.
Favorite Jutsu

Inuzuka Tao is not only the Clan Head and Alpha of the Inuzuka clan, he's also one of the older figures in the village. He's a leader of the people and is always approachable by his fellow clanmates, no matter the age. He is extremely respectful and even if he will not slap you down for being disrespectful to him (he still might), his older dog will usually do or say something to you.
Tao would be considered an isolationist along the political spectrum. He doesn't like having to team up with other clans but understands that it will make his lands and people stronger. Speaking of lands, he holds the Inuzuka Clan's hunting grounds as a sacred area that should only be entered by outsiders of the clan upon permission by a member of the clan.
Tao is married and has several litters of children. His wife is still around and can be seen by his side often enough. She is a tough old woman herself and is the head of the breeding branch of the Inuzuka. Tao himself is of the Alpha Branch, as was his father, and his father before him…so on and so forth. Yes, he has good breeding. Funny, that doesn't stop him from falling asleep in front of people!
OOCly - if I'm around I'm up for RP! I like just about everything as far as RP goes!


Tao stands at a height of 1.6 meters when fully upright. Only he's usually hunched over slightly since he is older. Older is actually a kind term used to describe Tao. By the Narutoverse standards, he's ancient…like Grandma Chiyo ancient. He's probably in his early 70's easily. The old man is noticeably weathered by time. His eyes are a deep brown in color and penetrate out from behind a set of bushy grey eye-brows. There is usually a sparkle in those eyes though, and coupled with his almost constant smirk, it probably denotes a jovial personality. Or is that mischeviousness? The man's hair is sparser with age, yet he isn't entirely balding. What must have once been a long mane of flowing hair is now cropped back in a short pony-tail. His cheeks are sunken in with time and many years of survival. The trademark red fangs of the Inuzuka Clan are also prominently displayed on those cheeks, the natural curvature inward accentuates the sharpness of the fangs. His body is usually covered with dust and dirt, though he tries to keep his face clean for diplomatic purposes…yet there is often a small smudge around his neck area.
Speaking of the neck region, the man must have had a bad accident at some point in his life since he is badly scared from his neck down (the rest hidden into his garment). Where his arms exit his sleeves, the scars can also be seen. Closer inspection of the scars would lead to note that they are burn scars (but do you REALLY want to be caught staring?).
The old man walks around with a cane in one hand. Tao wears a traditional kimono, with the symbol of the Inuzuka Clan (the fangs) on the back. The kimono is black in color and laced with flecks of red and brown. The linings are green. It is a very ornamental kimono, denoting status of some sort. He wears a black shirt underneath. His feet are usually uncovered (meaning he doesn't own shoes). He wears a Konohagakure forehead protector around his left arm, but most of the time it appears to be turned inward towards his armpit.


Alpha of the Inuzuka clan/ Clan Head at a young age. Took over when his brother died on the job. He's been the one to make all the deals with the Senju Hokage in joining the Inuzuka Village with that of Konohagakure no sato.


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