Isshin Kikan
Isshin Kikan
Birthplace Kirigakure
Birthdate September 16, 2 A.F.
Gender Male
Age 10
Height 4' 4.5"
Weight 63 lbs.
Blood Type A-
Kekkei Genkai None
Classification None
Areas of Expertise Genjutsu
Clan None
Affiliation Kirigakure
Team N/A
Ninja Rank Genin
Genin-Equivalent Age 10
Chuunin-Equivalent Age N/A
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Water
Father Isshin Naota
Mother Isshin Kaede
Signature Jutsu
Lucid Genjutsu: Spirits Attack
Stats Chart

Kikan is a strange, enchanted boy from the Hidden Mist, who wields his genjutsu to create frightening illusions in the minds of any who cross him. Although his very presence tends to unnerve people, he really isn't a mean boy, and he secretly longs for a friend. He is currently training in new techniques which will allow him to do more than escape from his enemies - at the behest of his former teachers, he seeks to find an offensive style of ninjutsu which suits his particular talents.


Kikan is a peculiar boy born to the Kirigakure village in the Land of Water. His parents are what you might call 'mystics' or 'shamans' - they aren't so much ninja as they are chakra experts, especially in the realms of the psyche and spiritualism. From the time he was small, his parents have often regarded him as a "special" kind of person, the kind who was "visited" by spirits, or had an inherent connection to the spirit world. This was mostly because of the way he looked at people, with eyes that were somewhat ethereal in nature, as if they were seeing beyond the physical into other, invisible realms. These eyes would later prove to be his most valuable asset, their peculiar nature allowing him to link easily with others by way of genjutsu.

Always a quiet child, Kikan spent most of his time out in the mountains, and began to notice that he had an innate sensitivity to the chakra of people and animals around him. He developed this sensitivity during his academy years, when along with his natural aptitude for genjutsu, became a valuable asset to his fellow ninja-in-training, despite the fact that he had nearly no offensive abilities. When it was time to take his graduation exam, he and two other students were led to an enclosure where a large and terrifying animal was kept - and it was through his powers of genjutsu that the animal was subdued long enough for his classmates to kill it. He passed the exam, though he was cautioned that it would be wise to learn some sort of lethal skill, something that he somewhat took to heart. He knew that he couldn't rely on defensive techniques for everything, and so since he became a genin, he's been working on developing his ninjutsu and taijutsu skills, trying to find a style that works for him.

Because of his strange and aloof nature, Kikan has not managed to make many friends, something that he wishes to rectify… Someday. Even though his manner and reputation tends to make most people shy away from him, he does secretly wish for at least one true friend.


Kikan is a quiet kid, a little peculiar, which is why he's been through his fair share of teasing and flat out avoidance from his peers. Because of such, he has learned how to be on his own, taking enjoyment from his own company and comfort among the trees and mountains that surround his village. He is not one to start conflict, and usually sticks to defensive tactics, but he has no qualms with causing pain and suffering to those who wish to harm him or those he cares about. He can be cold, even ruthless on these occasions. Physically, he is entirely unimposing, but his manner carries a strange intensity, and his gaze is so other-worldly, that he usually jars the comfort levels of those around him, making him, to some, a little bit frightening.


Kikan is a young boy with a pale face in sharp contrast to his thick, pitch-black hair. His eyes are hollow looking and gray as the mist that surrounds his village, eyes that have for some time captured the attention of anyone who sees them and thus become the basis for his prolific genjutsu abilities. His build is rather small for his age, and his frame holds a scrawniness that suggests very limited physical strength. He has a certain eerie quietness about him, in the way he moves and speaks, and especially in his odd, ethereal gaze.


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