Jurojin Fujiko
Jurojin (Nogakujin) Fujiko
Birthplace The Northern Outpost - Land of Wind
Birthdate 11/30
Gender Female
Age 17
Height 4'8"
Weight An magician never reveals her secrets.
Blood Type O-
Kekkei Genkai N/A
Classification Classified
Areas of Expertise Fuinjutsu
Clan Nogakujin
Affiliation Sunagakure
Team Troubadors (Unlisted)
Ninja Rank Genin
Genin-Equivalent Age 12
Chuunin-Equivalent Age N/A
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Wind
Element (Secondary) Earth
Father Jurojin Katsu
Mother Nogakujin Hiroko
Signature Jutsu
Scrolled Terrain Technique

"Three may keep a secret, of two of them are dead"


The beginning of this play begins as a romance between a peaceful wanderer and a strict military man. Jorojin Katsu, whose first name represents the very thing he sought in life, spent its entirety looking for one conflict that would bring him victory. As a young chunin, he pulled every string he could to move to The Land of Wind’s northern borders in hopes to be on the front lines when conflict broke out when the villages formed. A few years passed, and his warrior spirit was crushed when nothing ever came. Only friendly relationships were established between the two villages. He spent another year crushed, in a terrible depression… That was when Hiroko entered his life. Enter Nagakujin Hiroko, a woman from the far west of the shinobi nations. She was a traveling performer, and the terrible conditions of the northern border guard needed performers to raise morale. When he saw her, he knew he must have her. Both of them fell in a romantic love, and not six months after, was Fujiko born…
Fujiko lived her early years at the northern camp, as her father lived out his term there. There, the young girl was only surrounded by men and women whom were older than she. There were never any signs of other children, so she spent her time talking with the older people. To them, Fujiko performed the roll of reminding them what they were protecting in Sunagakure. She grew very mature, as a result of all the interaction with them, and would often put on mock performances in the limited art of her mother’s clan. These cute plays brought great joy to most of the ninja there. Like her mother, she was born to perform. Her mother encouraged this behavior, pushing her to become a courtesan of great finesse even at a young age. Her father, however, had none of it. Yet, his influence never reached her until the year she turned six.
The year she turned six, her father’s tenure ended, and she made the return to Sunagakure. She left behind many good friends, and came to a place that she was relatively alienated in. She did not grow up with the children in the village, and her mature personality came off too excessively on the other children. She remained isolated for a long time, and seeing this isolation gave her father the reason he needed to push her into the shinobi world. Yet, what good was Fujiko in this world? She spent most of her life acting in plays, and practicing dances that made people smile. She had no interest in killing, or the shinobi world at all. Her father, however, pushed her regardless. She trained under her father for years before the academy, abandoning all notions of being what she wanted to be. A performer.
Fujiko’s induction at the academy proved that her mind was not up to the task. She had very few things that interested her. One particular thing that did capture her imagination, however, was the art of Scrolls. Fuinjutsu was like art to her. The seals and symbols upon the scrolls captivated her imagination. It is only reasonable that she’d pick it up as a ninjutsu art. At the time she was introduced at the academy, she wasn’t particularly good in any of the arts of the Ninja. She had particular endurance and flexibility due to her work as a performer, and she had a good head on her shoulders. Her cool-headed mature way of thought made many tasks easier for her, and her endurance made her able to keep up with her peers. Yet, her heart was always in other places. Her skill in all three of the ninja arts suffered because Fujiko was always in another place inside of her head. A place where stories unraveled before her very eyes as her mind thought up amazing ideas for theater. Why, it wouldn’t be a surprise that she often spent long hours at the local theater. She volunteered, and learned the performing arts from many other people. This activity, under the nose of her very parents, kept her from truly shining at the academy.
When one’s duty and one’s passion collide, dissonance happens. Fujiko has never become that good of a ninja, and she was never truly a good performer. Yet, eventually, she did graduate. It was a terrible time to do so, for her. Her dreams of becoming a performer were crushed when the local theater she spent so many years of her time in suddenly burned down. This event, widely known in Sunagakure, left her spiraling into depression. From then on, she changed. On the outside, she was the same as she was. Mature, and an overall good person loyal to the village. On the inside, she was a crushed individual looking for some way… Any at all to help her from fading into eternal obscurity.
An actor that fades into obscurity is usually the end. They no longer get leading roles, and never gain success as they did before. Yet, the allusion was not all true for Fujiko. Her loyalty, her ability to shrug off bullies in stride, and her mature personality put her on a list on the council to be accepted as the next Jinchuriki for the Shukaku. A death sentence to anyone else, and usually forced upon them, Fujiko immediately took this opportunity. Even though her parents forbade it, she accepted. She was just desperate for the spotlight once more, and thus it was sealed upon her. From Despair, comes Ambition.
Thus closes the first act of Jurojin Fujiko, and begins the second act. Part 2: Thalia, and the Melpomene sealed within.


Fujiko was born and raised, mostly, as an actor. Her love of the arts spreads more than just being on stage. She is an artist, a writer, and a musician. Her mother taught her these things early, and they have stuck upon her for the longest time. This wide-spanning hobby is more than a hobby, and has bled over to her career as a ninja. Fujiko is a mature and ambitious individual, whom can easily hide her true feelings behind the mask of an actor. She can adapt easily to individuals, figure their archetype, and adapt to it in order to gain their favor. She happens to have an addictive personality, often playing with people that interest her. Her addictive personality leads to a love of expensive foods. It doesn’t matter what they are, if it is expensive she will like it. She likes face-painting as well, to a much lesser degree than anything else.


Fujiko is almost a jackal personified. This shinobi of the desert is graced with tanned skin and ambitious black eyes that hold so much behind them despite being such a common color. Those ambitious eyes are encircled in black, almost as if she were wearing excessive make-up around them. The 5'1" standing girl almost presents herself as a woman, with a restrained way of presenting herself. She has long black hair, tied into all manner of things, yet usually it is preferred unbound at all flowing graceful over her shoulders and back. Her body-style gives her mature personality away, revealing a simple girl perhaps just entering her teens. A lithe athletic body from shoulders to toes, she has a small chest and small hips, with legs and arms that are thin and in need of further developing.

Fujiko wears an outfit that seems foreign, by makes sense in the desert. Her upper body almost has naught upon it saved for a band of purple cloth bound around her breasts that provides modesty, and a cloth that loops around the neck, dives in front of her chest, and joins in the back. She wears a long pants that hug her hips yet provide decent mobility. She seems to go barefoot, save for sandals when not walking in the sand. An outfit true to a daughter of the sands.



October 2015 (OOC Date)

December 2015 (OOC Date)



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