Kaguya Chishio
Kaguya Chishio
Birthplace Kaguya Village
Birthdate Dec 1
Gender Female
Age 16
Height 4'10
Weight Enough
Blood Type O
Kekkei Genkai Shikotsumyaku (Undiscovered)
Classification The Grim Reaper of Koshiha
Areas of Expertise Taijutsu
Clan Kaguya
Affiliation Kirigakure
Team Unassigned
Ninja Rank Chuunin
Ninja Registration 8112099
Academy Grad. Age 13
Chuunin Grad. Age 16
Nature Type
Element Water (unrealized)
Mother Kaguya Saie
Father Kaguya Conin (Deceased)
Signature Jutsu

"We sacrifice control for safety. That's what I think, anyway."

Kaguya Chishio was an embarrassment to the Kaguya clan. From the day of her graduation in the academy three years ago, to the day she stumbled back to the village bloodied but unbowed just a few months ago. Some would say she should have redeemed herself by now, but the fact is, though she is strong, and tough, and a fierce, deadly warrior… Chishio has never wanted to be Kaguya, and she has never carried herself with the frenzied bloodthirst which her Clan are so renowned for.




Chishio stands at just under five foot tall, but for such a short girl, she's got an aura of raw… scary! The fact that she's almost all muscle helps a lot.

Who would have thought that red eyes could be so cold? Dark, dead, and crimson. Her hair is bright silver. Marking her, for those who know these things, as a probable member of the Kaguya clan. She keeps it in two ponytails, but lets these drape in front rather than behind as is the tradition of the Clan.

Around her left bicep she has strapped the forehead protector of Kirigakure. Presumably because she's too cool to wear it where it was designed to be worn. She also wears… a dress? Yes, she's wearing a black, loose-fitting dress with a white apron and a white shirt with puffy sleeves underneath it. Her feet are protected by simple sandals, which look home-carved most likely, though out of petrified wood.

As mentioned, this girl is *buff*. She's rippling with muscle. Her flesh is pale and her skin unscarred, but every inch of muscle is toned and toughened. She does not look like she is armed.

This is not the case.


Three years ago - Chishio graduates the academy. Gravely wounded in the final exam.
Two Years ago - Chishio sets off for Koshiha
Two Years - 28/05 - Chishio trains herself in order to be certain of success when she moves against the village.
21/05 - Chishio is instructed to make her move or be declared a traitor. Koshiha is destroyed.
28/05 - Bloodied and hurting, Chishio collapses at the front gates of Kirigakure.
30/05 - Regaining consciousness, Chishio is promoted to Chuunin.
04/06 - Chishio recovers from her wounds enough to leave the Kaguya compound. She engages in her first ever philosophical discussion. Begins to consider this 'fun'.


Chishio has Taijutsu abilities that rival some Jounin. Her ninjutsu and genjutsu have suffered for this proficiency, however. Her ninjutsu is barely above a newly minted Genin, and her genjutsu is practically non-existent. Up close and personal, though, there's few who can be certain of getting away unscathed.

In terms of techniques she lags behind most other Genin, due to a lack of opportunity to study. She relies largely upon her strong basic skills. However, she is trained in Shikotsumyaku Taijutsu

She has a firm grasp of the Dance of the Kaguya.

Her most advanced killing strikes are clearly derived from the Shikotsumyaku Sharp.

She usually uses at least two blades simultaneously, and has mastered the utility of these weapons in offensive and defensive terms. She can therefore use the Dual Blade attack and defense.


Mission Log

Theme Songs

General - Nick Cave: Idiot Prayer

Combat - A Perfect Circle: Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rythm Of The War Drums

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