Kaguya Clan
Clan Name Kaguya
Clan Positions
Head Elder Kaguya Odori Takeshi
Elders Kaguya Odori Yuuka
Quartermaster None
Active Clan Members
Seven Swordsman Kaguya Odori Yuuka
Current Jounin Kaguya Tsiro
Kaguya Takeshi
Current Chuunin Kaguya Tsun
Current Genin
Honorary Members Okumo Meruin
Inactive Clan Members
The Fallen Kaguya Yasushi
Kaguya Yui
Other Information
Affiliation Icon-Kiri Kirigakure
Kekkei Genkai Icon-Shikot Shikotsumyaku

Welcome to the Kaguya Clan page. Hopefully this page will become the single stop for anything and everything Kaguya.

General Information

Shikotsumyaku Details

Clan Structure

The Kaguya clan of this game is not that much different from the one presented in the series. They are a fiercely militaristic clan but also loyal to a fault to each other. Shikotsumyaku is very rare and as such, not having it doesn't automatically make you an outcast. The clan is responsible for most of its own training. Children undergo training with their parents or a clan teacher before they enter the academy. The structure of the clan is follows:

At the top is the Head Elder. The current Head Elder is Kaguya Odori Takeshi.

The Head Elder presides over the Elder Council made up of the most esteemed members of the clan. These are mostly NPCs, but PCs are eligible. Kaguya Odori Yuuka is currently an Elder.

The Quartermaster is responsible for the training of the children and for hiring and adjusting training staff.

The Guard Commander controls the various guards that patrol the village to keep strangers out.

There are several Guard Captains that control squads of Guards.

Guards are the protectors of the Kaguya village.

Our Warriors

(A small bit about current members, link to page)

Fallen but not Forgotten

(A small bit about inactive members, link to page)

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