Kaguya Kiku
Kaguya Kiku
Birthplace Kirigakure
Birthdate May 29, 10 BF
Gender Female
Age 17
Height Five Foot, Four Inches
Blood Type O
Kekkei Genkai None….Yet!
Classification N/A
Areas of Expertise Multiple Combat styles / Not Dying
Clan Kaguya
Affiliation Kirigakure
Team Team K
Ninja Rank Chuunin
Ninja Registration 6757841
Academy Grad. Age 8 years old
Chuunin Grad. Age 14 Years old
Nature Type
Element None
Father Kaguya Hiko
Mother Kaguya Yumi
Older Sister Kaguya Noriko
Younger Sister Kaguya Hime
Signature Jutsu

Welcome to Kaguya Kiku's Wiki. Kiku is often known to be the Kaguya that just doesn't know how to die. While not having any single overpowering style of combat like most of the Kaguyas, Kiku at a young age, mastered 3 seperate styles of combat, giving her a varity of ways that she can attack an opponent. Its said that if she ever learns her Kekkei Genkai, she might even be as scary as some of the stronger members of the family.



Kaguya Kiku's personality is odd at times. She comes off as somebody who solidly enjoys fighting, and knows little else about the outside world, especially the social side of things. She's cold, and sometimes calculating, focused and drivin to become something far better then Keisuke. This is cause of the Kaguya Clan deeming her the Failure of the clan while they consider Keisuke the Ultimate Kaguya. This title has had a damaging effect on her ego, and forced her to go to extreme levels of trying to prove herself on a constant level. One of these is her need to be the one that kills Keisuke. For now, this is kept in check by Keisuke, but as Kiku grows up…

Another thing is that when Kiku is by herself, she is much different. Shy and vulnerable, she tends to wear her armor as armor against her weak confidence in herself. While Kiku enjoys dancing and reading, she does these things when she's absolutely sure that nobody will see her. When caught, she almost panics, and tries to get into her armor, and act like a warrior. Deep down, Kiku secretly harbors feelings about wishing to become a dancer, but knows as a Kaguya, her first emotion she be to become the strongest fighter.



Diary of a Young Kaguya


Mission Log

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