Kaguya Nori
Kaguya Nori - Deceased
Birthplace Land of Water
Birthdate Unknown
Gender Male
Age 22
Height Approx 6'
Weight 179
Blood Type Unknown
Kekkei Genkai Bone Manipulation
Classification Shinobi
Areas of Expertise Taijutsu
Clan Kaguya
Affiliation Kirigakure
Team None
Ninja Rank Apprentice Hunter
Ninja Registration 0000012
Academy Grad. Age N/A
Chuunin Grad. Age 17
Nature Type
Element Lightning
Mother Kaguya Fu
Signature Jutsu

Kaguya Nori was an Apprentice Hunter of the Kirigakure, and resident of the Blood Swamps of the Land of Water. - This character is DECEASED.


Nori grew up in the Blood Swamps of Kirigakure. His mother raised him for the first few years of his life, but it was the nurture of the swamp that brought him up. Well passed the age where most Kaguya come of age, the Clan Head and soon to be Mizukage, came for him and dragged him from the swamps. Thrust into the ranks of the newly formed Kirigakure, Nori was given rank of Chuunin and told he was a tool of the Kage.

Spiteful and rebellious, thrown into a world he didn't understand, it took Nori several years to find his place amongst the other Shinobi of the village, and even still he remains an outcast… whether by choice or necessity.


Kaguya Nori is rebellious and spiteful, glorifying in the hunt of his prey and the act of destroying it. He is keenly aware of the differences between himself and those around him, his own predatory and primal nature conflicting sharply with those who grew up civilized. He seems driven only by the desire to hunt and kill, eat and sleep. While he may appear brutish and threatening to most, he is actually a cunning and intelligent creature, capable of meeting and surpassing even his own expectations in any mission.


Long, shaggy silver-white hair frames this young man's unusual and pale face. Though hardly more than a teenager, his face is angular, with broad jaw and strong chin, showing none of the fat of youth. Set beneath bushy, silvery brows, his eyes glint with a hungry, amused look that give even his most cheerful expressions a certain quality of malice. Even more unsettling is not in the fact that they are the blood red eyes of the Kaguya, but in the that one of them is colored an eery pale blue with silvery pupil, the only blemish to an otherwise handsome face. He is tall, and his body is powerfully built for his age, with broad shoulders and chordlike muscles that do their part in lending him a decidedly predatory appearance. Every ounce of him looks fit and trained to the hunt, though what his prey might be is anyone's guess.
Today he is dressed in a pair of black canvas martial arts pants, loose enough to allow him full range of motion, but not so much as to catch on branches he might pass. Covering his torso is a simple black vest made of leather, zipped up the front until just below the pecs' where it is folded out to show off the multitude of scars, dark red against his pale skin. around his waist is tied a utility belt, with kunai, shuriken, and other unknown objects in pouches; instead of a buckle, the forehead protector of Kirigakure would glint, its metallic sheen covered by a smearing of red which can only be blood.


Age 17 Nori was given rank of Chuunin
Age 18 Nori disappeared
Age 22 Nori promoted to Apprentice Hunter


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