Kaguya Takehiko
Kaguya Takehiko
Birthplace Land of Water
Birthdate Unknown
Gender Male
Age 27
Height 6'6ft
Weight 200 lbs
Blood Type -O
Kekkei Genkai Icon-Kaguya Shikotsumyaku (dormant)
Classification N/A
Areas of Expertise Taijutsu
Clan Kaguya
Affiliation Kirigakure
Team None
Ninja Rank Genin
Ninja Registration 031886
Academy Grad. Age N/A
Chuunin Grad. Age N/A
Nature Type
Element Unknown
**Unknown Unknown
Signature Jutsu
Kaguya no mai

Takehiko was trained at a young age to be a freelance mercenary and swordsman. When his handlers became part of the Kirigakure, he was ordered to maintain his cover until recently, returning home to become a shinobi.


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Takehiko was born to the Kaguya clan 27 years ago. The family was relatively small, his mother was always sickly and his father worked almost all the time. At an early age, Takehiko learned to help his mother and often would take care of her as much as she would take care of him. The boy loved his parents, and loved to help take care of his mother. When his sister was born, He didnt think he couldnt be happier, despite the fact it was indeed harder to take care of a newborn as well as a sickly mother at the age of being a small child.As Takehiko grew, the more responsibilities he took upon himself. He took care of his mother as well as his little sister, not seeming to care at all that he spent most of his time inside with his family then outside playing. Despite this, he was happy, they were his world and he enjoyed making them happy and doing things for them. After a while however, Takehiko began to take notice that despite the fact his father worked to bring home resources to the family to survive on, it wasnt enough, one person couldnt bring home enough money to feed four mouths.Takehiko took it upon himself to leave home, to train to become a shinobi. Due to his clan's natural prowess in combat and his own physically strong body, he began at a young age and took to his studies quickly. He refused to specialize in a specific branch, seeing that if he could be useful in multiple things, then he would be able to bring home more money to his mother and father. He would stay where he was trained, only going home to bring money he earned while there. It was during his training that the attack on his family happened.Finding his mother and father dead tore his world apart, and not being able to find his sister despite trying to track down those responsible only made things worse. It was when he thought things couldnt get worse did he find solace in training, working to become stronger and better. He even began to believe his sister was killed after a while, despite wanting to believe that there was a hope that she could possibly be very much alive.He trained, doing various missions before the formation of the villages, and would often times do missions undercover once he was old enough. His dedication to the completion of the mission and the control of his emotions allowed him to be more efficient in this regard, allowing him to infiltrate various circles, reporting what he knew to his allies while performing missions in secret while maintaining his cover as a mercenary for hire. He gained knowledge on various noble families as the years passed and the people he reported to eventually told him of the formation of the hidden villages.He continued to work, only recently completing his latest undercover mission for the Kirigakure, finally returning to the place he was told was his home. He returns to further increase his own power, but more importantly, the power and greatness of the village he believes to be his home.


Takehiko maintains a emotionless demeaner, having been trained to not display any emotion, even when near death. He reacts to pain by grunting and hissing, but his face remains completely stoic, eyes widening being the only real surprise. When enraged, he would be emotionless, however more rushed, more prone to not thinking rationally.


The man before you is obviously someone who engages in intensive physical training. Along his bare body when revealed is scars of previous battles, as well as highly toned muscles, pale skin easily seen. Despite his muscles, it would appear this man was built for balance, muscles not bulgy yet at the same time evident to his physical prowess. He also had white straight hair to just past his shoulders, generally the back tied into a pony tail with the bangs left open. Along white eyebrows are two red dots, small circles on his brow. He also has some markings along his eyes, red tint which seems to gives his gaze a more intense look, his eyes being almost ice blue.

He wears dark colored clothing, The same t-shirt like top worn by ninja, with netting under the collar. He wears armored bracers which go up his entire forearm and wrap around his forearms, the guards ending at his knuckles, revealing a loop hooked into the fingers to keep them on, similar guards along his shins. He wears black bootlike sandals with black pants, a white sash tied around his waist. He wears a large hooded black cloak which goes down to his ankles and generally covers his front, the Kirigakure forehead protector seen on his forehead. Worn along his waist along his back hip is a shuriken pouch, with a kunai holster wrapped around his leg, and a shortsword along his waist.


Mission Log

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