Kaguya Tsun
Character Name
Personal Information
Birthplace Keio Island
Date of Birth June 29th
Age 12
Height 4'10"
Weight 85 lbs.
Hair Color Naturally Black
Eye Color Naturally Green
Combat Information
Rank Genin
Elemental Affinity Unknown
Areas of Expertise Destruction
Team Me, Myself and, Tanuki
Favorite Jutsu
Belly of the Beast
Signature Jutsu
Feast of the Leviathan


A child that doesn't seem to have much history, she wealthy for some unknown reason and lives in a pointlessly large mansion, given the fact that only she and her brother/team mate live in it. Tsun is a member of Team 0 and really hasn't done anything in the ninja community worthwhile. Though she has made a name for in the shopping department, known to buy certain things simply because they are expensive even if she has no real use for it.

A bit of suspicion hovers about her as she was the only one who wasn't on the outskirts of her village when the attack happened, yet somehow made it out completely unharmed. Of course, a young child couldn't plot something so cruel could they?


A surprisingly upbeat child given the tragic history that landed her in Kirigakure to begin with. Within a few minutes of being around the girl, it is obvious she is a bit of a narcissist. Sometimes she's so wrapped up in herself she has been seen having full on conversations with what is most likely her own voice mentally. At times she could be a bit too free spirited, though tends to get out of many situations either by the use of her endless cash flow or by hiding behind the Mizukage.


Blurbidy hurb.


Age 3: Read Her First Book
Age 5: Stole a cookie from the cookie jar
Age 7: Learned multiple instruments
Age 9: Village destroyed in a supposed 'demon' attack , family lost
Age 11: Begins training as a ninja
Age 12: Tsun achieves Genin Rank
Age 12: Sent off to the Land of Waves, first encounter with Jack of Eyes


Clone, Replacement, and Henge Technique.
H20 Manipulation(Seperate from Water Manipulation)
Kirigakure no Jutsu

Mission Log

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