Kaguya Yasushi
Character Name
Personal Information
Birthplace Land of Water
Date of Birth September 24
Age 25
Height 6'9"
Weight 280 lbs
Hair Color Bone White
Eye Color Hazel-Teal
Combat Information
Rank Jounin
Position Seven Swordsman
Elemental Affinity Lightning
Areas of Expertise Kenjutsu, Taijutsu
Favorite Jutsu
Funkei Kongou



Yasushi is a bit of an enigma. He has a rather hard, brutal exterior, but seems to have a rather aloof and hearty personality towards most unless orders are to be followed. At that point, there will be nothing out of place or he will break you.


Yasushi is rarely seen out of his official war dress and tribal paint now that he is older and in a position of leadership. He is about 6'9" tall and he has a rather stout build for that height, showing no signs of lankyness. His body is a mixture of refined musculature, not wasteful in it's build or purpose and scars that are often covered by his robes of status. His eyes always seem to have a glare of killing intent in them, even when he is being friendly. He is a man truly forged in war for the Kaguya.
The weapon he carried appears to be a rather well made Katana and Tanto pairing, though anyone who has seen him fight seriously know that not only do these blades combine, they also… move through sheer will alone. This mysterious weapon was his reward for becoming one of the Seven, and his usage of it is unprecidented. The curve on each blade and hilt is exaggerated to form a sort of crecent double blade when in battle. When going in to battle, some swear that the blades themselves fidget in anticipation of the blood that will soon coat them completely.



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