Kaguya Yoma
Kaguya Yoma
Birthplace Land of Water
Birthdate September 24th
Gender Icon-Male Male
Age 33
Height 7'10"
Weight 368
Blood Type +O
Kekkei Genkai Icon-Shikot.png Shikotsumyaku
Classification Rabid Dog
Areas of Expertise Taijutsu
Clan Icon-Kaguya.png Kaguya Clan
Affiliation Icon-Kiri Kirigakure
Team None
Ninja Rank Seven Swordsman
Ninja Registration 000000
Academy Grad. Age NA
Chuunin Grad. Age NA
Nature Type
Element Icon-Earth Icon-Lightning Icon-Wind
Current None
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Signature Jutsu
The Hardest Ever

"Come and take us. We mock your anger. We laugh at your power. We challenge your fury. We fear not death."




The Kaguya are reknown for being warriors, fighters, and generally barbaric. At the same time, they are known to be refined in countinence and in their taijutsu forms, civilized and even noble. The drastic differences in these two ideologies as to do with the age of the clan wars and the fact that the Kaguya were not a solidified clan throughout history. Different sub clans existed during the era of the clan wars and well before that. Smaller tribes of Kaguya with different traditions and ways of living. Yoma was part of one of the most barbaric berserker tribes to ever exist. So barbaric was this clan, that they wiped themselves out almost entirely before anyone else had the chance to do so. Only a very few remained in the end… and they were targeted. Yoma was targeted.


Yoma was a small but healthy young white haired and pale skinned boy of the Kaguya. Too young to fight or take care of himself as the rest of his family was killed by the ones who took him, he was easy to mold and shape as his abductors wished. During the clan wars, many clans and organizations would try to unlock the secrets of kekke genkai. Some of them would hunt down people with developed abilities, which was far more dangerous and far more heavily protected than immature samples. Some would go for immature samples in order to get easier, but far less value data. In the case of the Kaguya, the problem was exacerbated. Shikotsumyaku is extremely rare within the clan as a whole, let alone amongst the split tribes. Yet even if they found a pure example of a Kaguya with Shikotsumyaku, they would be increadibly hard to catch and contain and almost always be far more dangerous than they would be worth in the end. So, a project was launched in order to try for the best chances of understanding the phenomenon that was the rare but powerful Shikotsumyaku Kekke Genkai, and Yoma was part of this project.

Project Nue: Mekurabe


Yoma was one of several children of various ages that had been collected from the various Kaguya tribes. Their lack of unification made it very easy in the end and also made it very hard to track down that they were in fact missing in the first place. The idea was simple, be elaborate. The project was intended to take decades to complete as it was the only way to be certain with such a rare ability as Shikotsumyaku. They were to test the limits of these children, push them, probe them, inject them, and try to activate and control manifestation of the kekke genkai. The project itself was named after a hybrid beast made of multiple different fearsome animals. This particular subsection of the project was named after multiplying skulls that haunted a great leader after he had killed man to claim his rule. An unstoppable army to overthrow a powerful ruler, and a project beyond that to create an ultimate being. Quite lofty. As far as Yoma's part in this, he was simply as sample. He was trained, and taken care of to a minimal degree just like the rest between experimentation. They were all educated to a degree, but not out of pity or remorse, but simply in order to help them cognitively understand what was going on well enough to push themselves, to control them better, and to allow for them to manifest any talents they would manifest at will instead of randomly and chaotically. Most of the samples did not survive all of this testing and probing and fighting. Some of them even killed each other during live experiments, but some survived.

Project Nue: Gaikotsu


The few that remained in to young adulthood were prized subjects. No longer were they merely samples. They were taken seriously as true possible candidates even if they had not developed any real signs of Shikotsumyaku. One thing that they had learned over the years is that they had been neglecting an important, but risky factor in the development of the subjects: Their chakra levels. Shikotsumyaku wasn't simply manipulating bones. It was connected to the chakra network, and needed to be fed and controlled via chakra. Many Kekke Genkai were based on body parts, but very very few of them manipulated actual body parts in any way. With so few remaining subjects, teams were divided up to study some of them in particular. Yoma was code named Gaikotsu which was a gigantic skeleton monster that bites the head off of the unaware. This was because over the years, through all the manipulation, testing, probing, and fighting trials, he had become massive. At the age of 17, he was over seven feet tall. However, he was also changed. His skin was stained a dark grey, and his hair was like slate. He had become almost robotic in his facial features and his mannerisms. He knew the routine. It had never changed aside from new experiments. It would never change. The only time he knew freedom was when he had to fight or kill another test subject. But that hadn't happened in quite some time.
Yoma was considered a possible Shikotsumyaku candidate, but only because his bone structure has successfully been changed. His elbows were abnormally elongated and sturdy, and his height may very well be due to his bones stretching and growing beyond the norm. However, he'd never exhibited actual usage of the kekke genkai in any controlled or uncontrolled way. The lack of any training in chakra usage what so ever may have been the reason, thus the new theories. He had been tamed and kept for over a decade by then, and they had grown comfortable with him due to the lack of violence or aggression he'd shown in over a year since his last opponent died. It was their biggest mistake.



As the testing continued, and the security and protocols were laxed, they underestimated Yoma's intellect. He timed everything perfectly. There was a transition from a hall way near the only stairwell in the entire complex. It was for emergencies, and while he didn't know exactly where it lead, there was only one place an emergency exit tended to lead: out. Snapping the old man who was to inject him with what ever's neck was extremely easy. Too easy. Yoma actually shook him a few times to be sure as his assistant cringed a moment before trying to run to set off the alarms. Yoma pounced on him, literally, like some sort of ape or tiger or raptor. A predatory beast that ripped his arms from his body as he had his knee against the younger man's back. As he screamed in agonizing, horrible pain and sprayed blood everywhere, the sheer weight of Yoma standing up on his spine gave him a quicker, not quite merciful death as he was squeezed like a tube of toothpaste. Yoma would then just leave. It was not that there was no security at the entrance, it was that they didn't get paid enough to tangle with someone covered in blood and gore that was over seven feet tall and build like a fortress. They didn't say a word… to anyone about it. They made every excuse they could, but they were not about to fight him, nor were they about to admit to just letting him walk out. In the end, they were still eliminated… so it didn't do them much good.



Several years passed as Yoma, the last of his tribe would live out in the wilderness of the Land of Water. It was a vicious place really, always had been, and he was new to it at first. He suffered greatly, got sick, hot, cold, starved, and had to learn to take care of wounds through sheer instinct, and occasional observation. He had to raided small groups of people, usually vagabonds and pirates and rebels of some kind. Unorganized, easy prey for him to take advantage of. He would take their books as well, both for paper as well as for reading and learning thinning he'd other wise never know about. Still, it's not as if they had many books, let alone educational ones. They did have maps however, and eventually Yoma learned to read them. He would use them to find a base of operations for a larger pirate group within the blood marsh. As he was going to attack them and take their much better stuff, he would see people with powers over the winds and water , lightning striking from their finger tips and fire erupting from their mouths. They used strange weapons and tactics, and vanished from the eyes only to reappear again. Yoma merely watched as they dismantled the pirate camp with strange magics he'd never witnessed before. They would come to him, ready to fight him as they assumed he was part of the group, but his strange skin tone, and his monstrous form, as well as the fact that he didn't attack them at all gave them enough pause to try to escort him back to Kirigakure, and he would follow them there.



After arriving, he found that the world was very different and the Kage released his self imposed restraints. Yoma informed him of the threat of the genetic experiments, and he was charged with eliminating this threat under the watch of Yuuka and that doing so would allow him the opportunity to join Kirigakure. During this time period, over the next 6 years, Yoma had been trained as a shinobi to empower him to pursue this task. He was entirely new to the very concepts of ninjutsu and genjutsu, but he was not too dim witted to figure it out even if he chose not to pursue it directly in either regard.
Yuuka aided him, though she had many responsibilities and training to do within the village proper, but Yoma was far more familiar with the wilderness and thus was sent on long term missions in to the Blood Marsh in order to track down the organization on his own after some time, and to police the pirating and raiding activities that occur out there often. Yoma would send back semi frequent reports on the area, and occasionally return home to Yuuka's cottage. His missions within the marsh ended up largely being man hunts and base destruction as well as search and rescue operations. He had to employ a variety of techniques dealing with camouflage, misdirection, assassination, and of course his own brand of brutal carnage when all else failed.
There were some that were useful contacts and people he could trade with or even hide out with for a time as he did not have a team with him. Part of his initiation as a Chuunin of Kirigakure was to show that the was capable and trust worthy even in such a dangerous place. The Mizukage simply figured if Yoma was from the wilds any how, then he shouldn't need a team to do the work of a pseudo hunter nin for Kirigakure, and that turned out to be true. Yoma never let a target escape, and he was eventually sent after even rogue Kirigakure nin as he was trusted more by the Mizukage.



When Yoma learned of Keisuke's death and Yuriko having been born, he would have joined them in the mourning of a fallen Kaguya comrade, and would inwardly swear that their child would not go without a father figure. This is when he would ask to return to the village and do less exploratory missions abroad. By this time, he had naturally grown used to his Shikotsumyaku, and was able to reclaim his former appearance as the partial transformation was finally ended and controlled. While in the village, his training intensified and focused his raw power in to weapon handling, and his missions became far more varied and built upon his experiences as a shinobi beyond his specialty. This is when he was given the rank of Jounin and was trusted with running teams for the village. From overseeing Genin running errands or building structures, or even killing bandits, to running with more specialized chuunin and teaching them the ways of the hunt both man and beast, Yoma was able to provide his expertise to a broad range of individuals and talents within Kirigakure. In the mean time, he grew closer to Yuuka, Yuriko, and the village as a whole, even though he himself was not necessarily known as much of his early work was oriented around Hunter Nin duties. He was becoming quite the tool for the village, and was perfectly content with not being given special treatment or notoriety for it. As far as he was concerned, if he did his job right, the village benefited without knowing why.



Over these years of being within the village itself more often, Yoma now 33 years old, his hobby of blacksmithing began to shine. It was his way of relaxing, and his form of self expression to forge weapons and armor and help to keep the village shinobi armed and ready for what ever they faced. This also went hand in hand with his training as he pushed himself and his Shikotsumyaku to the limits, trying to understand the very core and nature of his abilities and thus the root of what it meant to be a warrior. It is said that a warrior is one with his weapon, and that a weapon is an extension of himself, that armor is merely a second skin. As a Kaguya, he knew this more than any other human could imagine, but understanding the nature of forged implements and how it felt to use something meant to enhance others was highly educational. He trained his flesh to endure almost as much as his bone, he would not allow his sheer height and weight to limit his speed what so ever, and most importantly, he did not let his mind slow and his instincts dull. Yoma lives life hard, and because of that he is a very hard man himself. He eventually was noted for his work both in training and smithing and he was given access to some precious, heavy, and rather unmalleable form of chakra conductive metal. It was said to be near impossible to work with, let alone forge anything of practical use, but with Yoma's strength the challenge was given and of course accepted gladly. It took him several months of the hardest work he'd ever done in his life, several hours almost every day, but eventually Yoma was able to create what would come to be known as the Kabutowari. It was his way of expressing the irresistible force in the form of a weapon that sunders any and all defense.
Due to the creation of this weapon, his service as a Hunter Shinobi and a long time veteran of the expeditionary force's tactics and operations, the Mizukage took note of all of this, and granted him the honor of wielding his weapon as one of the Seven Swordsman of the Mist. With great pride and humility, Yoma would accept this position and the burdens that came with it. He was being honored beyond his wildest expectations, and allowed to join the elite of the village in order to safe guard it and protect it from all who would dare to challenge the might of Kirigakure. He was being granted the right to wield his weapon with impunity in order to protect his home. It was then that Yoma truly realized what a home was and why it was so important to everyone. It was then he realized, that he finally had a home of his own.



While his appearance and many of his mannerisms are quite barbaric or savage, there is an extreme depth to what and who Yoma actually is. He has an unusually strong affection for children, in particular young girls for an as of yet unknown reason. He is quiet and perhaps contemplative, but is absolutely a man or monster of action. He is a definitive berserker, and when engaged in combat it is best to leave him as wide a breadth as possible. Otherwise, he has a strange gentleness, as if he is fearful of breaking things around him if he isn't careful.

He seems to refuse clothing of all true forms most of the time, only accepting it if it holds some real meaning and discarding it the moment that it is no longer the case. Despite his looks, he actually has been educated at least to some degree. There are obvious holes in this however, which brings to question who educated him in the first place.

Being a "wild kaguya" which there are still undoubtedly a few or more still out there, he had learned to live and thrive in the wilderness more than within villages. Many things seem to catch his attention as a wonder, but in the end he'd prefer to do everything on his own, which is a habit he'll need to break in order to really be part of Kirigakure some day.

Likes Flowers, Children, Combat
Dislikes Imprisonment, Torture, Human Experimentation, Child Abusers
Hobbies Botany, Cooking, Hunting
Strengths Immense Size, Powerful, Cunning, Protector
Weaknesses Quiet, Savage, Bloodthirsty, Berserker



Height: 7'10" Weight: 368 lbs

Kaguya Yoma is a towering, massive man with long, mid back length silver-white hair. His skin is a milk chocolate brown color as if he has a perpetual deep tan, though it looks exceptionally healthy. His facial features are chiseled, but still smoothed in to a very masculine face. Wide, somewhat thin lips and a strong nose are set in to his face. His eyes are a shade of cool lavender, but are set under stern, thin brows. His body is rock solid from head to toe, rippling with muscle that is strangely lean while still being ever present. Wrapped around these muscles if anything is usually a traveling cloak and a wrap around his waist. Beyond this, he tends to wear various gems around his arms, wrists, and ankles. These gems seem to change often, and also appear to be quite valuable stones.
Looped around his like a loose belt and strapped to his back are the legendary weapons that he has forged known simply as Kabutowari. The Kabutowari is a dual weapon formed of an axe-styled cleaving sword and a war mallet. The cleaving axe is designed as a curved blade that is roughly four feet in length and sharpened to a keen point at the tip. The bottom of the blade is blunted, easily able to snag or pull things without chopping entirely through them with enough skill. The blade is forged seamlessly in to a thick, rectangular, bracing spine that rests in the middle of the blade and is attached directly to the hilt of the weapon which is wrapped in a knotted, twisted, thick, pale brown rope. The pommel of the weapon is an open circular ring that supports the extremely durable and flexible leather strap that links the weapons together. The mallet has a large, drum like head head that is actually designed aerodynamically despite the utterly flat face on two sides. In the middle of a weapon is a thick, supporting rope of the same design that travels all the way down to the pommel of the weapon.


Yoma & Kibushi
True Face

Age 6: Living with his tribe of Kaguya, known for their extreme violence and barbaric ways even amongst other Kaguya. It was widely thought they'd kill themselves off before anyone else got the chance.

Age 6-7: His family is slaughtered by an unknown force and he is abducted.

Age 7-16: Yoma is modified, manipulated, tortured, tested, educated, and trained in order to become a participant in the Mekurabe project as "Gaikotsu", the restless conglomerate soul of all who have perished and have not been properly put to rest. During this time period, he also "meets" Yuuka, though only hearing her called "Harionago", the beautiful woman with extremely long hair tipped with thorn-like barbs who lures people to their death through manipulating the barbs telekinetically and stabbing them to death. The only bond they share at the time are pain and screams.

Age 16-26: Yoma makes his escape from the compound during a moment of lax security after spending several years acting docile and harmless to his captors. He spends the rest of his time in the wilderness, living off of the world and rediscovering his roots with the Land of Water. He raids and destroys anyone trying to collect children, knowing what they are used for, and also steals books and provisions for himself from such places. Most being low brow or without books, but some being highly complex technical documents and scientific theory. Botanical knowledge seems to be rooted in this, as the Land of Water is known for it's strange and abundant forms of vicious or rare flora and fauna. It has added him and become a hobby over time.

Age 26-27: During the raid of a major encampment, he is found by female Swordsmen of the Mists and through mutual cooperation, is awarded with a chance to go to the village and learn about and see what he has missed of the world for the past 20 years. He is offered a place within it, but only if he is able to finish destroying the threat that he warns the village of, the Nue project that had himself, Yuuka, and hundreds of children before and after abducted over untold years.


Age 27 - 33: Being hired by Kirigakure to continue his work in the Blood Marsh, Yoma would continue to hunt down raiders, pirates, and of course those abducting children. Through time, he was accepted as a Chuunin in the village and given Hunter Nin tasks and missions. He would begin to hunt down rogue shinobi from the village as well as others while maintaining his patrols and search for the scientists. When he heard about Keisuke's death, he returned to the village to mourn the passing of the warrior and leader within the clan, as well as to attend to Yuuka and Yuriko. He vowed then that Yuriko would not lack in a father figure.

At this point he would request to stay within the village and do missions and training there in order to be closer to the widow and her child. He was promoted to Jounin, and given the opportunity to lead a whole new variety of missions and training. He began to learn more about other ways of doing things as well as some of the fundamental skills of ninjutsu and genjutsu. He became more well rounded, and started to learn how to blacksmith as his hobby. Eventually, this led to him becoming quite proficient as smithing and he gained notice through the effort. He was granted an incredibly dense and hard source of chakra metal and challenged to craft something with it. It took half a year of arduous work in order to create the weapon, but he was successful in forging the Kabutowari. Due to this and all of his past accomplishments, Yoma was granted the position and honor of being one of the Seven Swordsman of the mists.




The cleaving axe is designed as a curved blade that is roughly four feet in length and sharpened to a keen point at the tip. The bottom of the blade is blunted, easily able to snag or pull things without chopping entirely through them with enough skill. The blade is forged seamlessly in to a thick, rectangular, bracing spine that rests in the middle of the blade and is attached directly to the hilt of the weapon which is wrapped in a knotted, twisted, thick, pale brown rope. The pommel of the weapon is an open circular ring that supports the extremely durable and flexible leather strap that links the weapons together.


The mallet has a large, drum like head head that is actually designed aerodynamically despite the utterly flat face on two sides. It weighs quite a bit in its own right, allowing for far more force to be delivered by the weapon if the user has the strength to wield it.  In the middle of a weapon is a thick, supporting rope of the same design that travels all the way down to the pommel of the weapon. The pommel of the weapon is an open circular ring that supports the extremely durable and flexible leather strap that links the weapons together.

Kirigakure Theme
Work it Harder
Make it Better
Do it Faster
Makes us Stronger
More than ever
Hour after
Our work is Never Over


Name Relationship Notes
Yuuka Clan Mate

I have known of her for many years… but only barely. We have only met face to face in the most recent of times. We have discussed our pasts and where we are now because of them, and she has taught me that this world no longer fears those that are unique. At least not to the point of extermination. I look forward to knowing more. However, I cannot fail her daughter… not when so much is at stake.

Yuge Acquaintance I am not sure if he is overly confident or truly untouchable. He does not seem to care about the possibility of assassination, nor does he seem concerned with the possibility of an invasion of this entire country. I am not sure what to make of him.
Meruin Acquaintance A calculating man spider, he does not leave things to chance when it comes to things or people he does not know. Thus his judgement of me was caution instead of acceptance. I cannot fault him for that.
Isra Acquaintance

She seems a bit wild, but still courteous. The only time i've met her so far, everything exploded, yet still there were no casualties. She was also quick to accept me as an ally in the middle of battle.

Nindo Journal


Training Yuriko:
I am very proud of the little one. She is taking to wielding her blade well, and I let her cut me to see how she would react to blood or harming someone close to her. She responded with glee! She was proud of herself, and was not afraid that she would damage me beyond repair. This lesson can be learned later, but for now she is fearless. I tripped her up because she was attacking without thought, and she rose back up, ready to go again. I told her what she did wrong, and she took it to heart, attacking, but not over extending herself and trying to keep her footing and balance. So as a reward, she got the sweets she asked for afterwards.

Mission Logs


S Rank

A Rank

B Rank

C Rank

D Rank



Shikotsumyaku Taijutsu
One Bone
Camellia Sword
Twin Bones
Willow Dance
Shita Kosshi

Sundering Strike
Whirling Splitter
Heavy Blow
Kabutowari Bola

Flood Devastation
Depth of Winter
False Step of the Sea Breeze
Self Inflict II
Silent Killing

Earth Shattering Kenjutsu

Decapitating Thunderbolt

Earth Manipulation

Lightning Manipulation

Wind Manipulation


RP Skills
Shikotsumyaku Telepathy
The Hardest Ever


Theme 1

Theme 2

Theme 3


Clan Theme


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