Kaguya Yuuka

"I have honed this ability, this curse, and it is my weapon alone to wield."

Kaguya Yuuka
Birthplace Icon-Kiri.png Kirigakure
Birthdate Feb 11
Gender Icon-Female3.png Female
Age 23
Height 5'5ft/165.1cm
Weight 120lbs/54.5kg
Blood Type -O
Kekkei Genkai Icon-Shikot.png Shikotsumyaku
Classification N/A
Areas of Expertise Taijutsu
Clan Icon-Kaguya.png Kaguya
Affiliation Icon-Kiri Kirigakure
Team None
Ninja Rank Jounin
Ninja Registration 353011
Academy Grad. Age N/A
Genin Grad. Age 22
Nature Type
Element Unknown
Signature Jutsu
Camellia Sword Spiral
Ninja Stats


This background is known to very few people, if any. I am including it for the curious, but it will not be abused.



When first “rescued” from her imprisonment, Yuuka was extremely timid, distrustful, and suffered from hyper anxiety in large crowds, being unused to open spaces and crowds of people. Then, she became quiet, calm, and meek as she grew to her surroundings, under the training of her rescuer and sensei. Kindness is seen in her eyes as she tries to help everyone in Kirigakure that she can.
With the emergence of her kekkei genkai, and result of the countless years of experimentation, Yuuka has become the black sheep of her clan, her unnatural abilities labeling her as a freak of nature within the clan. Despite such thoughts she remains both serious and kind, slowly accepting what and who she is with the encouragement of Keisuke and her student Tsiro.



Before you is a young woman with long, straight hair of snow white that tapers off at the small of her back. Long locks shimmer with a faint glow that frames her pale face, accenting a pair of red dots horizontal to one another. A slender nose is the center piece of her smooth face. Separating her vivid sapphire eyes accented by crimson outlining and long black eyelashes. Below her nose is a pair of soft lips. The curvature of her chin leads to her slender neck.

Slender shoulders lead downwards to the hem of a snow white kimono just off of her shoulders, just over the netting that is just visible over her full chest, the snowy material cupping just along the undercurve. The long, silvery sleeves of her kimono cover over her lean arms, the long hem just over her wrists lead to feminine hands and slender fingers with pale, natural fingernails.

The lean stomach curves naturally beneath the kimono, a pale sky blue obi sash wrapping around her slender waist. The smooth curve of her hips continues under the short hem of the kimono skirt, snowy hem brushing along her thighs as she moves. Her sculpted legs are bare and lead to small, slender feet that are exposed and open.





A first person accounting of events.



Age 3 – Kidnapped
Age 20 – Underground Lab is destroyed, Yuuka is the lone survivor
Taken in by Yasushi. Promoted to Genin status.
Age 22 - Promoted to Chuunin status.
Shikotsumyaku emerged.
Participated in Legion March war against Konohagakure.
Participated in Bloody Mist Tournament.
Accepted Tsiro as a student.


Thoughts on the Land of Water's Clans


I have mixed feelings of my clan. My brother would have been one of our strongest warriors should he had lived, it gives me pride to know with such certainty of what he would have become. And my Sensei, he was also a fierce warrior. One of the Seven Swordsmen for many a year. How can I not have pride with such strength comes from our clan's blood?
However… I am a freak of nature, looked down upon for the unnatural things I can do. While I wish more than anything to accept what I am as a Kaguya, this may never happen if I am always cast away.

I only know a little about the Touketsu clan, though their hatred of Kaguya is part of their blood. Having only met one Touketsu in my lifetime, what I do know for certain is that they must be a cold people.

I have not really heard much of the Shirayuki clan, with the exception that they mainly live on the Seastone Isle. Do you think there are any still there? That would be a curious place to visit.

The Okumo I do know a bit more about, being friends with Okumo Meruin-kun. Spiders are a bit strange to base your entire clan upon, but I suppose bones are equally as strange. I do wonder if all that chemical experimentation affects their minds though…




Mission Log


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