Kamizuru Cherii
Kamizuru Cherii
Personal Information
Birthplace Land of Earth
Date of Birth 2/13/15 (16 as of this RL date)
Age 20
Height 5'3''
Weight 183 lb.
Hair Color Lavender
Eye Color Sky-blue
Combat Information
Rank Chuunin
Position Ninja Chef
Elemental Affinity None
Areas of Expertise Insect Control, Cooking
Team None (yet)
Signature Techniques
Kamizuru Insect Control
Chef Fu

A chubby, timid lass who nonetheless has a sting in store for those who push her too far.



Kamizuru Cherii is a kunoichi of Iwagakure who commands a hive of red-tailed bumblebees. She's also a ninja chef, specializing in scavenging ingredients and preparing nutritious meals to keep any team in peak performance while out on missions. Unfortunately, her genetic disposition is such that she's well on the chunky side, creating a perception that she indulges too much in the fruits of her craft. She half-believes this herself, and is always seeking ways to make her diet more satisfying and less fattening.

Full History


Shadows by Lindsey Stirling

Cherii is a practical soul, but also rather emotional. She craves the approval of her peers, and she feels it's up to her to become deserving of such. As such, she works hard to make herself useful and keep her comrades in high spirits. If anything happens to draw attention to her stout physique, though, it tends to put her down in the dumps for a while.



Kamizuru Cherii is a young woman with a decidedly heavyset build, though not quite obese. Her hair is a vibrant lavender color cut in a simple short bob. Her face is rounded and plump, with eyes like twin raindrops of sky-blue and red lips. She wears her Iwagakure forehead protector in the standard place between her parted bangs.

Cherii's typical outfit involves a sleeveless dress with a yellow honeycomb pattern. On second glance, it literally IS a malleable sheet of honeycomb, wrapped around Cherii's form from her knees up to her right shoulder, slung over and draped a bit from there. Red-tailed bumblebees can occasionally be seen moving amongst the cells of the comb, but for the most part they seem to keep their activity concealed. Cherii wears a fuzzy tank-top of red and black horizontal stripes over the dress, though part of the honeycomb is in turn folded over the shirt at the top. Cherii carries the typical belt and pouches of ninja supplies, along with a few scrolls for storing cooking supplies and equipment. Finally, her feet are clad in sturdy black boots.



Main Theme from Fairy Tail

Mission Log


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