Kamizuru Michi

"Look at me as you wish. Zu-Zu"

Kamizuru Michi
Birthplace Land of Rice
Birthdate Dec. 31, -15 B.F.
Gender Female
Age 21 years old
Height 7'0"
Weight Unknown
Blood Type Unknown
Kekkei Genkai N/A
Classification Chuunin
Areas of Expertise Ninjutsu, Espionage, Insect Control
Clan Kamizuru
Affiliation Iwagakure
Team Team 11(originally)
Ninja Rank Chuunin
Ninja Registration 44444444
Genin-Equivalency Age 8
Chuunin Grad. Age 18
Nature Type
Element Unrealized
Father Ayumu Kamizuru (deceased)
Mother Akira Kamizuru (deceased)
Sister Morimoko Kamizuru
Brother Miroku Kamizuru
Master Iwanoko
Foster Mother Chichiru Koboyashi
Foster Sister Chichiko Koboyashi
Signature Jutsu
Bug Juggernaut

Michi was once a servant of the Land of Earth’s most notorious monster, Clay Boy, but now plays the same role under the Tsuchikage, and by extension, the citizens of Iwagakure. Infamously known within the village as the ‘blank slate’ for her specialties and emotional range being little different; except in the case of her inheritance from blood, sweat, and tears.

She is feared as well by the younger generation through poisoned whispers from her own kin and her predecessors for involvement with a monster; but even more so for potentially becoming just the same due to a number of near fatal incidents arising wherever she goes. Despite such inconveniences Michi still serves the Tsuchikage with an zeal that by appearance boarders on fanactism. Her true goals however lay elsewhere…



As some would come to believe since Michi’s conception, the girl has always been too honest for her own good whenever asked a question as well as too easy to manipulate into doing what most would believe are downright disgusting if not shameful. And, to an extent, they would be correct. In truth however her easy compliance stems not from a lack self-confidence issues , but from an ill-conceived notion of such a life style being the only way to survive in a world in which even the smallest of unintentional offenses or even just being alive alone will result in ‘divine’ punishment. She is self-aware of this fatal flaw in her persona however, and has through patience and training manage to gain the guile to take advantage of it; especially for the sake of implementing services for another that most shinobi shirk away from due to pride among other conflicting interests preventing them from completing a goal.

Just as she is an open book with her words, Michi is the same when it comes to her likes and dislikes. And would often at times if prompted would without hesitating give her honest opinion despite anticipated repercussion in such a tone and manner that leaves others often baffled trying to figure out if she’s serious or is somehow toying with the individual(s). What she hates, what she fears, and what she loves however are the only thing she keeps a tight lip about due to one of her greatest fears involved a remission on a deal struck between her aunt, the Tsuchikage, and herself.


What stands before is simply a giant among humans at seven foot even with long, sporadically curly dark brown hair that tapers off just an inch past the shoulder blades. Shorter locks, although harder to see both from most vantage points and due to her choice of clothing, frame her face evenly. Her skin appears pale revealing a life spent in the dark places, smooth, and soft by what little can be seen. In actuality it is more of the former and akin to that of the carapace of some kind of insect. Her eyes are mud brown, nose thin and crooked by a small degree as if it didn’t heal fully right, and full lips, a light rosé color without any actual additives being applied. Her expression and even her husky voice rarely shifts from the neutral. Not too unlike how the aburame tend to be.

Both while off and on the clock her choice of clothing rarely changes beyond black slightly oversized trousers, black steel toed combat boots, dark brown workman’s gloves that hide thin, callused hands, and dark brown sleeveles undershirt. Overlapping much of it all while further obscuring her actual gender is a high collared, thick, black overcoat with belt like straps along the cuffs to seal off the sleeves and her village headband bolted shoulder pads. Shaded, dark green goggles are kept typically in place over her eyes, and a dark brown lower face mask that blends into her undershirt. To wrap things up, a thick, black head wrap allowing just enough room for her hair to fall freely along her back are what finally completes the image of what stands before you.

Except that for the following that are usually unseen due to the coat. A dull red dog collar is worn inexplicably around her neck, and enlarged pores along both the back and sides of her neck in a line down to her modestly sized breast (albeit given her size larger than average compared to ‘normal’ women), forearms and legs. The muffled sound of buzzing general follows wherever she goes.




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