Uudo Kara
Birthplace Icon-WindLand of Wind
Birthdate July 25th, -15 B.F.
Gender Female
Age 20 years old
Height 5'9" tall
Weight 152 lbs
Blood Type ???
Kekkei Genkai N/A
Classification Puppet Brigade
Areas of Expertise Puppetry, Scrolls
Clan Puppeteer
Affiliation Symbol-SunagakureSunagakure
Team Team 01
Ninja Rank Jounin
Ninja Registration 000245
Genin-Equivalent Age Genin-equivalent at 16.
Chuunin-Equivalent Age Chuunin rank at 18.
Jounin-Equivalent Age Jounin rank at 20.
Nature Type
Element Unknown
Mother Juku
Father Uudo Eddo
Signature Jutsu
Pharaoh-20: Pharaoh's Judgement

The "Kara Wiki Profile" trailer, take one…

Kara: In a world where ninja were kings…!
Widget: No "in a world", Kara.
Kara: …What do you mean no "in a world"?
Widget: It's not that kind of wiki.
Kara: Oh? Okay, then. In a land where —
Widget: No "in a land" either.
Kara: In a time —
Widget: I don't think so.
Kara: In the land BEFORE time!
Widget: It's about a ninja, Kara.
Kara: One man —
Widget: No.
Kara: When your life is no longer your own…
Widget: What does that mean?
Kara: When everything you know is wrong…
Widget: That's wrong.
Kara: In an outpost —
Widget: No.
Kara: — on the edge of space!
Widget: There's no space!
Kara: A girl…
Widget: No.
Kara: TWO girls!
Widget: No!
Kara: Now…
Widget: No —
Kara: More than ever…
Widget: Stop it!
Kara: A renegade cop!
Widget: I hate you.
Kara: A ROBOT renegade cop!
Widget: You're fired.
Kara: You're fired!
Widget: No, you're actually fired.
Kara: I'm… Fired!
Widget: Get out of the wiki, Kara.
Kara: No… I LIKE it in here!




Kara has two "selves". One is a fake self that she projects to outsiders to fool them into thinking she is harmless and scatter-brained. This "outer self" has a strange sense of humor and is irreverent towards most things, but she is not necessarily mean or arrogant. She just takes most things lightly. Kara is also silly at times, and talks to Pharaoh as though it were alive (she treats it like a pet, sort of). She has a habit of teasing and flirting with most males she encounters, but she always dances out of their grasp if they try to do anything about her flirtations. She's a tease, but she's not the Village bicycle.

The "true self" of Kara is much more serious, analytical, and observant than most would believe possible based on her "fake self". She keeps track of what she sees and hears, she puts information together silently and does not act upon it until she is certain she can do so without arousing suspicion. She has spent over a year planning to find justice for the suicide order given to "Team Randi" by one or more officials of Sunagakure, and no one suspected a thing until she told Rinako and Ruri about it. That she can fool even those who spend a great deal of time around her is a testament to her skill at deception. She is willing to persevere to achieve her goals, no matter how she may appear to others as a result.

On a less serious note, Kara is also interested in puppets and maximizing their potential. She has expanded her Kugutsu no Jutsu skills immensely and is spear-heading the newly-formed "Puppet Brigade" and its research into "living Puppets".



Kara is a dark-skinned young woman with shoulder—length black hair, and thin black eyebrows over wide, aqua-colored eyes. She has features >similar< to what might have been common in ancient Egypt. Kara has a slender throat and narrow shoulders, with her general build leaning towards thinness and lack of obvious muscle. She is also more than a little bit top-heavy along with having wide hips and a narrow waist.

Kara is wearing a headdress of ancient Egyptian design on her head, and golden hoop earrings — one in each ear lobe. She also has an ornamental mantle of some kind about her throat and shoulders, and resting on the upper half of her large chest. She has a tight black tanktop on underneath the mantle, and a long white sash-skirt hanging on her hips, held in place by golden hoops and other ornamentation. It hangs over her right leg, but leaves her left nearly bare.

On each arm, lengths of white linen that resemble bandages are wrapped about her forearms and biceps, along with bronze bracelets on her wrists. On her feet are leather sandals that wrap up and around her legs to her knees. Aside from her clothing she doesn't seem to carry much else with her… But when she is on-duty as a ninja, she has a scroll harness on her back with pull-cords that can trigger the release of one or more puppets depending on which cord is pulled. There appears to be room for ten scrolls when she wears this harness, but only five slots tend to be filled.

If she carries only a single Puppet, it is typically Pharaoh. Pharaoh appears to be a mummified corpse with a headdress of its own even more elaborate than Kara's, along with bandage wrappings in various places all over it. It's pretty gross.


Puppeteer capabilities, including crafting a puppet of her own named "Pharaoh". Also skilled with storing things in Scrolls. She has >nine< other Puppets. Sekhmet, Anubis, Osiris, Set, Isis, Horus, Bastet, Ma'at, and Apep. That's ten Puppets total! Wow!

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