Karakuri Kaidan
Karakuri Kaidan
(Credit to Takeo for image)
Birthplace Sunagakure
Birthdate 5/4/12
Gender Male
Age 23
Height 5'8"
Weight 198 lbs.
Blood Type B+
Kekkei Genkai Kugutsu Style Taijutsu
Classification None
Areas of Expertise Taijutsu
Clan Puppeteer
Affiliation Sunagakure
Team None
Ninja Rank Chuunin
Genin-Equivalent Age 12
Chuunin-Equivalent Age 15
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) none
Element (Secondary) n/a
Signature Jutsu
Mastered Armored Puppetry

Karakuri Kaidan is a puppeteer who has given an arm and a leg for the village, literally. During his time on missions he has lost both his right arm and leg, since having replaced them with puppet parts he is known for his unique taijutsu style that involves fighting with a puppet like armor he pulls around himself, using his puppet armor, puppet arm, and puppet leg to fight against the enemies of Sunagakure.


A talent for puppetry was indeed within Kaidan's grasp. He was born into a family of puppet makers and users. He found the process of building them to be rather neat, but using them was in some ways boring to him. He liked flicking out puppets but to him, it was a bit boring not to get your hands dirty. Why send something off to fight for you when you can just go get your hands dirty. As such, he started to create puppets that attached directly to him. Something he could pull on to his person, using chakra strings to move weapons or defenses into place at a moment's notice.

By the time he was 12 he had reached a level many would consider genin and when Sunagakure came to be he was immediately started as a genin, joining in with his armor like puppet. He rushed off to any mission that they would put him on, loving to get into fights and frankly enjoying showing off at any opportunity that arose. Unfortunately for him, his attitude didn't get him chuunin for quite a while. He reached the level of chuunin at the age of 16 despite being strong enough for it, many didn't believe he deserved leadership till he finally proved that skill and action can trump attitude. He might have had a bit of an attitude but he would act and when a mission went south fast, he acted.

The mission was to get a particular package back from a group of enemies and it had gone south fast. There were more enemies than expected and the chuunin in charge of the mission was being hounded by multiple enemies. In the situation, despite the danger the group was in, Kaidan acted with purpose. He rushed the package that was their target and lost his foot doing it. One of the enemies cut it clean off, and instead of stopping, Kaidan merely pulled his puppet armor in close to his foot, using it on the cut off foot to keep going and grab the package.

In the end, he lost a foot but the package was captured and he slipped off with it. As soon as he had it, his team was able to witdraw and the enemy went after him. Either by luck or skill, he was able to slip away stealthily and bring home the package. His actions earned him chuunin and his first puppet limb.

For some, losing a foot might be the end of a shinobi career. For Kaidan it was a mild inconvience and then it was an opportunity. Using puppetry, he created himself a new foot like he had used to grab the package on his most recent mission. Later, he would integrate it into his puppet armor. Progressively, he was even able to put a weapon into it to help him with his fights. As he ralized how much he gained with his new appendage, he became somewhat more reckless than he was before. As time passed, he became well known for his brash nature and a devil may care attitude. He would often take on missions above his rank if he was allowed just to push himself. Though, those that knew him knew it wasn't for the challenge but for the fun.

When the Silence hit Sunagakure, he was the first into the fight and one of the last out though the medics were the noes that had to drag him out. He had lost both his right arm and leg completely. They had to work to save his life and up until recently, he wasn't able to be about again. Once more, medics assumed he would be done as a shinobi, once more he rebuilt himself. Now, a full replacement of his right arm and leg, integrated into his puppetry and leaving him yet more opportunities.


To put a single sentence into his personality would be impossible. His most obvious trait is his somewhat lazy attitude. He focused hard on developing his armor purely for the purpose of being able to block with it without trying. His whole purpose for developing a powerful jutsu was so that he would have to do less work in order to use it. He doesn't believe in doing anything the hard way and is always looking for the easy way if possible. In some ways it actually sometimes makes him work really hard, especially if it means a lazier future.

His second most obvious trait is his devil-may-care attitude. He is reckless to say the least. In one mission he sacrificed his own foot just to get an objective done. He rushes into combat to fight if the cause is right and he often seems to ignore the consequences. He practically enjoys the possibility of danger. Rushing into any situation is enjoyable to him though it doesn't mean he does so without plan, he just prefers to be in the most dangerous situation.

Another thing about him is that he is very protective of those he cares about. He doesn't show it probably…ever. He does however care deeply. He finds allies, friends, and especially those he considers family to be very important and if they are in danger he will often put himself in danger save them, even if it might mean his death.


Spiked up blond hair flows backwards over his head with some flecks of hair down over his forehead. His eyes are a greenish blue with a softly pointed nose and a smirking mouth with a strong jaw. His ears are pierced by a pair of gold rings that are worn loosely enough to move with him at times. He wears a trenchcoat like duster in a dark tan, dirtied with time and torn at the bottom. His right sleeve is ripped of revealing a right arm that is fully puppetry. His chest is bare with a bandage around his abdomen. His right arm is covered in the sleeve.

His blue pants are ripped along the right leg, tattered at the base to reveal that his right leg is also puppetry. His left foot is covered in a normal sandal which goes up to mid shin and has his pants tucked into it.


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