Katayama Hiroyasu
Katayama (片山) Hiroyasu (博康)
Birthplace Kumogakure
Birthdate 2/14/07
Gender Male
Age 16
Height 5'1"
Weight 135
Blood Type A+
Kekkei Genkai Internal Fūinjutsu (封印術)
Classification None
Areas of Expertise Tactics and Strategy, Fūinjutsu (封印術), Tools, Boulders.
Clan Katayama (片山)
Affiliation Kumogakure (雲隠れの里)
Team Ogosokamaru 01
Ninja Rank Genin
Genin-Equivalent Age 11
Chuunin-Equivalent Age N/A
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Earth
Element (Secondary) N/A
Father Kijuro
Mother Hainako
Signature Jutsu
Hollow-Earth Bullets

Hiro is the only child of Katayama clan; Kijuro, a generalist shinobi in the service of the Raikage, servant to the Yotsuki clan. Hainako, researcher for Kumogakure Medical Research and Development Division. Hiro himself is an accomplished combat medic, an avid naturalist which stems from his traditional adherence to Zen Mastery. Known to be a little too smart for his own good, a little goofy at times, and at worst condescending to those who staunchly appose his views.




A young man whose youthful complexion is shadowy by nature; an earthy tint stained upon him by his heritage. He stands about 1.6m tall, his build is slim, and carries with it a slight wispy fragility. A curious feature draws the eye upward to his head which should be covered in hair is lacking any such inclination, it seems smooth and unblemished, cordially wrapped neatly in a pristine white Hitai-ate with carbon steel plate, the etching of the clouds signifies Kumogakure of the Land of Lightning. Resting calmly upon his nose are a pair of wire-frame glasses from which his vibrant jade eyes peer. When visible, a Lotus blossom tattoo is splashed across his left shoulder.

His manner of dress is simple, consisting of a black koromo with white accents, covered by a pocketed rakusu, it's color that of slate accented with carbon steel and a Kumogakure emblem emboldened in white on the center. Although rarely seen underside the koromo is the layer of mesh armor. Upon his feet a pair a black shinobi sandals also trimmed with white. Resting at the small of his back is a medium sized pouch with a medical kit resting atop it.

A web of thick ropes cradle upon his upper back a large boulder concave on top, the ropes adorned with sutra charms making it seem more like a monastery decoration. Along the top of the boulder a thin rim is barely visible but betrayed by sunken earthen handle.
On this occasion, draped across shoulders flows a thick traveling cloak whose color and cut form fit to his ensemble bringing a utility and harmony to his appearance.



Name Relationship Notes

Ninja Journal

Skills And Abilities

Name Type Link
Chakra Hardened Seal Ninjutsu
Clone Technique Ninjutsu
Escape Skill
First-Aid Heal
Replacement Technique Ninjutsu

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