Kawichi Reizei
Kawichi Reizei
Birthplace Kumogakure Hospital
Birthdate October 10th
Gender Male
Age 16
Height 5'8"
Weight 145
Blood Type AB
Kekkei Genkai Reizei Blur Technique
Classification Chuunin
Areas of Expertise Taijutsu
Clan Reizei
Affiliation Kumogakure
Team Akane
Ninja Rank Chuunin
Ninja Registration 012606
Academy Grad. Age 8
Chuunin Grad. Age 14
Nature Type
Element Lightning
Father, Mother Kenshin Reizei, Tsubaki Rezei
Signature Jutsu


Kawichi is a hard working young genin from Kumo who spends all his time deep in the mountain tops trying to get stronger. Due to this he has gain the power to use swords even if he is part of the branch family. He gained high speed and tai to take down anyone in his way if they are of the same age as him. Kawichi isn't your run of the mill ninja he is hot blooded and is always ready to prove things by fighting. His family like is kinda nothing to talk about since he spend most of his time in the mountains and don't seems to go home but to change his cloths, When he was little he was taught to up hold the clan and the skill of the clan and so he became faster and moves with great skill. He gained his sword from his older brother who past away last year while out on an mission by someone of the Saito clan. Kawichi is searching for the person who did it but found out nothing. When he turns 15 he is leaving the village to find out who he is. Kawichi lacks the proper skills to go up and talk to an girl without making an ass out of his self.
Kawichi is an young man that tries to work hard no matter what. He takes great pride in owning a sword and also using the power of his clan to the fullest. His family like is kinda unstable since his father was in the main branch and his mother was not the blood line flow thick threw him. Since the death of his father during the war he has spent most of his time taking care of his mother and watching over here. He do that by going on mission and training to get stronger. He is well liked in the clan but not part of the main branch despite that he knows some moves that someone of his class shouldn't and everything he knows he taught it to himself. He works really hard as he tries to better himself and work hard to do it. His father lift behind a scroll which has the final move on it and so far he can't using it
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Kawichi is a hard working Reizei who knows how to have fun. He spends most of his time training. Often time he spends the rest of his time trying to hit on the village local girls which works most of the time. As of late Kawichi is dealing with his inner demons and his true feels of Setsiro Reizei.


Kawichi wears and tan tight fitted shirt that sticks to the body to show how ripped he is, his pants are an black and are made like ninja pants. His bandages are placed on both hands but stop at the elbows. He has and x-shape scar on both sides of his arm and has an line scar starting from the top of his right eye to the middle of his cheek. Training gear is a normal black t-shirt and and ninja pants combo with tape around the arms to the elbow and feet. He has black hair and purple eyes that change to gold when he get pissed in battle. Kawichi now have a serise of scars on his right arm and left leg due to battles with Setsiro Reizei.


Age 8: He became the rank of a genin.
Age 14: He became a chuunin
Age 16: He obtained the sword called Kikuichimonji Norimune


Kawichi has the ability to use the Reizei blur movement skill and blinding speed. He has also shown he is able to use many forms of lightning and sword play. Over the past month Kawichi has made up his own style of swordplay called Tenken which means heavenly sword he has even made up his own attack for it called Shuntensatsu which means Instant Death.

+Jutsu List
Flash Strike
Sword Strike I
Sword Strike II
Sword Strike III
Flickering Death
Dodge II
Weapon Block II
Rapid Parry
Reizei Blur
Reizei Blur II
Tree Walking
Water Walking
Nine Headed Dragon

Mission Log

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