Ketsueki Kozue
<Name Here>
Birthplace <Insert Birthplace>
Birthdate <Insert Birthdate>
Gender <Male/Female>
Age 11 Years of Age
Height 4' 6"
Weight -Secret-
Blood Type A+
Kekkei Genkai Icon-BloodKetsuton (Blood Release)
Classification -
Areas of Expertise Currently Unknown
Clan Ketsueki (Kanji: 血液) (Hiragana: けつえき)
Affiliation Konohagakure
Team <Insert Team>
Ninja Rank Student
Ninja Registration <Insert Ninja ID #, a.e. 6-7 digit sequence>
Academy Grad. Age Pending
Chuunin Grad. Age -
Nature Type
Element -
Mother Akane
Father Tatsuo
Elder Brother Akira
Signature Jutsu
<Insert Technique>

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Mission Log

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