Birthplace Country of Wind
Birthdate 10/19
Gender Male
Age 15
Height 6'4"
Weight 190
Blood Type O-
Kekkei Genkai NA
Classification <Insert classification, a.e. ANBU/Hunter-Corps, if none leave N/A>
Areas of Expertise Taijutsu
Clan Kemonoken
Affiliation Sunagakure
Team <Insert Team>
Ninja Rank Genin
Ninja Registration 3339816
Academy Grad. Age 12
Chuunin Grad. Age <Insert Chuunin Graduation Age>
Nature Type
Element Earth
<Insert Relationship> <Insert Name>
Signature Jutsu
<Insert Technique>

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Kichiro has a bright and outgoing personality. He learned at a young age the dangers of anger and rage. He is a comical prankster and would much rather make an opponent understamte him or anger them with his antics than to grow angry himself. Despite his clown-like demeanor, he is a very serious person. He simply prefers that no one recognize this.


The boy before you is definately taller than the average for his age. He already tops out at over six foot. His arms and legs have taut, wirey muscles, and seem long compared to his torso size, giving him a stature closer to a monkey. On his forehead he wears the standard forehead protector of Sunagakure. He wears loose pants, dull brown in color and disheveled looking. A dull gold obi wraps around his waist and holds the top of gi closed loosely. His skin is weathered and tan, making him look older. His hair is a short mishappen shock of brown, no two locks going the same direction. His eyes are also brown, but despite the dull color they seem to sparkle in mischief. On his forearms and shins are heavy bronze looking bracers, adorned with a stylized monkey, each of the four bracers having a different pose. He wears no shoes, his feet calloused and hard from going barefoot.


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Kichiro's abilities are fairly standard for a taijutsuist. Add a mix of simple earth jutsu and you have the basics for his abilities. Oh.. and he can handstand really well.

Mission Log

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