Kinjo Katashi
Birthplace Land of Fire Icon-Fire
Birthdate 7/11/-6 V.F.
Gender Male
Age 12
Height 5'1"
Weight 115 lbs.
Blood Type B+
Areas of Expertise Genjutsu
Affiliation Konohagakure Icon-Konoha
Clan Uchiha Clan Icon-Uchiha
Ninja Rank Genin
Signature Jutsu
Slumbering Dragon Genjutsu

Kinjo Katashi has never suffered some great tragedy, his family wasn’t wiped out completely by the clan wars, his birth date predates the village’s (something, if he lives to a great age he will remark upon with a broad smile). Like most boy’s his age, people tend to remark upon his precociousness first and his aptitude last, and he, like so many others, just wants to be a great Shinobi.

An excellent student with a righteous blue head of hair and an outgoing attitude. He tends to want to make friends and keep them, and when he smiles, it is one of those smiles that makes even a curmudgeon smile.


A brief biography detailing the rise of the young Shinobi from Konohagakure: Kinjo Katashi.


An intelligent, well rounded, young boy, Katashi is first and foremost a family oriented young man. He sees himself as an extension of his family, and does what he can to please them. He has yet to hit his rebellious teen years and still hangs onto the notion that his parents are not only invulnerable, but the greatest living Shinobi in all of the world. As such not only does he strive to be a great Shinobi to live up to them, but also because he wants to please them more than anything else in the world. In a way, he is still of that age where he might bring home a drawing he was particularly proud of. At the same time, however, he is a smart boy and liable to grow out of this attitude sooner, rather than later.

He has several close friends who he shares everything with, and he only ever separates from them when they don’t want to practice or train with him. He seems to have a drive to be a great Shinobi, but not just the want, but the desire to actually push himself to accomplish that goal, and the talent to achieve it.

In the vein of pursuing that, he has started to develop a goal oriented personality. He is the sort of boy who will in time, begin to understand that killing someone is often the only way to prevent bloodshed, and further, that pre-emptive killing is sometimes a necessity. In that cold logic which he will one day develop, he is also just a tiny bit unsettling.

To strangers he is generally trusting and accepting. He takes an offer at face value and rarely doubts motives.


A skinny athletic youth standing five feet tall with light features, Katashi is your typical young teen in the Village Hidden in the Leaves. He has a bounty of unruly blue hair which looks like it has had a comical attempt at taming, and bright blue eyes which are framed by dark childish brows. His face is pleasant enough to those who take interest in such things. A handsome youth as it were. Where his clothing leaves his skin exposed, he tends to look athletic yet thin. His hands striking the balance between a concert violinist's and those of a future Taijutsu master, strong yet supple. Around his forehead he has the headband of a Shinobi of the Hidden Leaf.

When this young man moves the sway of his dark green jacket does little to disguise the taut expanse of his athletic frame. The jacket itself being a light weather appropriate jacket. Meanwhile his shorts cut off at the knees and his well formed, yet powerfully youthful legs are left to descend down into a pair of sandals fit for a young Shinobi. At the small of his back he wears a pack filled undoubtedly filled with weapons of the trade.

Atop his head, he sports a conical hat which keeps the top of his face, and his headband, largely concealed.



First and foremost of his friends is Mr. Usagisan (yes, the double 'mister' is intentional). A bespectacled rabbit with an inclination to sneezing at the slightest provocation, Mr. Usagisan is a well respected summoned creature who is often found in Kinjo Katashi's satchel. His catchphrase is, 'Stop being so ridiculous."

Below, you can find a listing of those who are also his friends, acquaintances and those few enemies he will make. (Though he tries not to make too many of those, because lets be honest, having enemies is sort of scary.)


Still relatively new, but he is working on becoming an accomplished Genjutsu master.

Mission Log

Videos / Themesongs

A short representative collection of songs and videos which speak to Katashi's mood and style.

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