Kinmu Chichi
Kinmu Chichi
Birthplace Land of Earth
Birthdate July 7th
Gender Female
Age 17
Height 5'4"
Weight 132 lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Golden-brown
Blood Type ???
Kekkei Genkai N/A
Classification Missing-Nin
Areas of Expertise Jinchuuriki Skills, Ox-Style Taijutsu
Clan None
Affiliation None. Was Kumogakure.
Team None
Ninja Rank Listed as "Deceased"
Ninja Registration Was 001122. Now N/A.
Academy Grad. Age N/A. Genin-equivalent at 11.
Chuunin Grad. Age N/A. Chuunin-equivalent at 17.
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Earth Icon-Earth
Element (Learned) Lightning Icon-Lightning
Element (Special) Magnetism Icon-Magnetism
Favorite Jutsu
Strength Techniques
Mother Deceased
Father Deceased
Signature Jutsu
Oxen Circle


To most of the adults in Kumogakure, Chichi was viewed with a bit of confusion and hesitation. She did not act like a bad person, but it was hard to see her as more than just a tool of the Village, and an instrument used by the Raikage. Other children her age were usually mean to her, though some didn't have a particular opinion. Those who did not know her history treated her better than those who did. Younger ninja, and students especially, were unlikely to see her as anything bad unless their parents told them about her. What was there to tell? Once, that was a secret. Beyond Kumogakure's walls, it remains such even now. But she was and is the secret weapon of the Raikage and the people of Kumogakure… She is their Jinchuuriki.


During a 'training session' with Saito Jon, both Chichi and Yotsuki Seiji were tossed into a life-and-death situation, in an attempt to bring out the power of the former's Bijuu. It succeeded to a degree… But ended with the apparent death of the two Genin. The deaths of the two had likely been reported, and may be publically declared at some point, but it is unlikely that the 'official' cause of death will match what those who were present know of reality.


No bodies have been recovered, which may lead to suspicion from the higher-ups in Kumogakure. But for the time being, as far as the public knows, the two Genin >are< dead. There is no physical evidence to prove otherwise.



Slow-witted kunoichi with great stamina and optimism.


Chichi is about 5'4", with long red-brown hair on her head. Two parts of her thick red hair curve up and away from her head, on each side, seeming to resemble horns. Her skin is light-tan, and her wide eyes are golden-brown. She has a snub nose, and oft-smiling lips. Her body seems to be built for raw physical power, with more muscle than most teenage girls usually have. She keeps very fit and thus is thin about the waist. She is fairly curvy and well-developed for a young woman her age.

Chichi often wears a black, sleeveless muscle shirt — along with billowing white pants on her legs, and tabi on her feet. She has a ninja tool belt hanging on her hips, with various pouches.


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