Kirryu Moriko
Kirryu Moriko
Birthplace Moon Country
Birthdate 16 years ago
Gender Female
Age 16
Height 6 feet
Weight 165lb
Blood Type O-
Kekkei Genkai Kirryu Shapeshift, Kitsuryu
Classification Medical Ninja
Areas of Expertise Ninjutsu
Clan Kirryu
Affiliation Konohagakure
Team Team Kitsune
Ninja Rank Jounin
Ninja Registration 661835
Academy Grad. Age Non-Academy trained
Chuunin Grad. Age Became Chuunin at 13
Jounin Grad. Age Became Jounin at 15-16
Nature Type
Element Lightning Wind
<Insert Relationship> Great relations
Signature Jutsu

Moriko Kirryu is a rather laid back nin who is one of the first Jounin amongst the new Kirryu ninja clan. She is known for her rather strong command of ninjutsu, specially elemental ninjutsu with wind and lightning. Also she's made sure to be competent in both Taijutsu and Genjutsu to round out her other skills. She is mostly known for rather extreme flexibility in abilities. She can fight hand to hand, use ninjutsu, or even to a lesser point genjutsu. Add to it that she's a mednin on top of everything else and she brings a rather diverse mixture of skills to the battlefield.

At home she's easy going, friendly and approachable and seemingly more at home out in a field teaching others, or laying back and relaxing whilst playing one of her many instruments, though pervy or 'ecchi' actions might draw her ire. She deeply enjoys music, and creative outlets like art, and even to a point she likes to write.



When at home in and abroad, Moriko is an easy going kind of nin, not really prone to being snappish or hard. However she does take missions very seriously, even if she takes a calm approach to leading them.


This strange, sometimes quiet 16 year old girl stands at about 6' tall overall with a rather athletic build and fairly broad shoulders. Her bronze-hued skin is rather smooth and seemingly well taken care of. The girl's extremely thick hair is a brilliant silvery-white, though oddly it sports a long red streak within it. Her hair is worn in a long, but loose pony tail that hangs well past her lower back. Her bangs are left free for the most part to frame a rounded slightly angular face. And sticking out of her hair slightly are her ears, both having a distinct point without much sign of any distinctive ear lobe.

The girl's eyes are slightly larger than normal and a deep rich blue, though oddly they show very little white, the iris being nearly twice as large as a normal person's. The girl's pupils are almond in shape oddly enough and seem to glow a dull blue in the dark when light glances off of them. above the eyes are thin, white eyebrows, both thin and arched slightly over the girl's large eyes. A rather cheerful sort at times, it takes very little to get this odd woman talking. When she talks or laughs she bears a set of sharp canines and incisors, the girl definitely having small fangs which fit neatly into her mouth.

A long neck leads into wide-ish, though proportional shoulders that narrow down slightly into a well built, and yes, large chest. Seems the woman is rather gifted in that area, her chest stretching her shirt rather nicely. Her torso narrows into a nice trim waist and flairs again at the hips and buttock area, giving her a nice hour glass shape. Add to the whole package a nice long, well muscled and athletic pair of legs and the same could be said for her arms, the woman not really too bulked per say, but athleticly built, ripped and toaned in the extreme, as if she had lived a life of solid exercise and training.

Currently, Mori is wearing a heavy black baby-t top which latches in the front with adjustable buckles it seems. Over this she wears a dark grey vest, almost a military style, this having large amounts of pockets in strategic areas over the front sides and somewhat on the back and oddly the thing appears to be collared? The odd girl leaves her midriff bare, leaving that toned belly of hers exposed and of course showing her navel as well. Around her waist is a pair of low-cut leather pants, these held up by a thin, but heavy leather belt, possessing a simple latch buckle, as if the belt had been made to fit. Though fitting snug, her pants are cut to allow for ease of movement. Also it seems, she wears a pair of bracers on her forearms as well, these are obviously made of metal and have a multitude of engravings on them resembling celtic knottwork and vines. She also is wearing a pair of knee cops and greaves styled much the same way. They are seemingly made of multiple pieces of metal, but the engraving carries fluidly over each piece, seemingly shifting as the girl moves. Lastly she wears a typical pair of light-moccasins and of course carries her ever-present utility pouch on the back and side of her belt.

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