Kokoroe Sousa
Kokoroe Sousa
Personal Information
Birthplace Somewhere west of the Great Shinobi Nations
Date of Birth 1/26/10 (38 at this RL date)
Age 47
Height 4'9''
Weight 146 lb.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Combat Information
Rank Kage
Position First Kazekage (retired)
Elemental Affinity Lightning
Areas of Expertise Genjutsu, Kung Fu
Team None
Signature Techniques
Lab Rat Illusions
Mind and Body Kung Fu
Judgment Bolt
Keen Analysis

All is knowledge. Knowledge is all.



Sousa is the (retired) First Kazekage of Sunagakure. While extremely adept in the ninja arts and a very capable leader, he considers himself first and foremost a scholar. Knowledge of any type is of interest to him (though some types more than others), and this shows in the emphasis Sunagakure has on information. Sousa has made Sunagakure the espionage center of the ninja world, compensating for the lack of manpower and resources with intelligence and cunning.

Full History


Doctor by Night Snipers

Sousa has a very aloof, analytical outlook on pretty much everything. He is driven to learn, about anything and everything; all his other activities, including his duties as Kazekage, are complex supporting functions of this drive. On a practical level, Sousa is a very amoral person, capable of doing great good (i.e. negotiating peace between the ninja clans of the Land of Wind) or great evil (i.e. torturing enemies just to observe their reaction) depending on what best serves his needs at the moment. His political ambition is to maintain a world of fairly stable dynamic equilibrium—not an entirely peaceful world, as that would mean stagnation, but one in which warfare remains at a managable level. Towards this end, he tends to support the underdog whenever there is conflict, stabilizing the balance of power. Even the Land of Wind becoming too powerful would go against Sousa's ends.



Kokoroe Sousa, despite his prominent status as the Kazekage of Sunagakure, is not a very impressive figure. He's rather short, around 4'9'', and his yellowish skin clings to his bones in notable places. He has short, fuzzy black hair, slanted brown eyes, high cheekbones, and a wizened mouth. To sum it up, he's a shrimpy Chinese-looking dude. Of course, so was Bruce L*CENSORED FOR RL REFERENCE*

Sousa's typical attire consists of a monk-like gi, baggy and made of light fabric. A cowl is added to the top, a practical ward against the desert sun. The usual shinobi gear hangs about his person, as well as not a few scrolls.


Radioactive by Imagine Dragons


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