Birthplace Unknown
Birthdate August 21st
Gender Male
Age 23
Height 5'4"
Weight Light
Blood Type B-
Kekkei Genkai Unknown
Classification Wanderer
Areas of Expertise Ninjutsu
Clan Unknown
Affiliation None
Team None
Ninja Rank Unknown
Ninja Registration Unknown
Academy Grad. Age N/A
Chuunin Grad. Age N/A
Nature Type
Element Earth
None No Family Known
Signature Jutsu

A strange, short, and tattooed wandering individual who is normally seen wearing a black cloak about his form. He can be found traveling the world and normally keeps to himself most of the time.



Konchu is rather quiet and to himself. He can rarely be found speaking his mind to others, but when he does… it is rather important to the current situation.


A short figure, about five feet and four inches in height, who is completely covered by a black cloak. A pair of black boots are worn on his feet and black pants seem to cover his lower half. From time to time, his face can be seen at certain angles, a black tribal tattoo covering most of his right face and on the left side, scars can be found; This is can be completely seen when the hood of the cloak is lowered. When the hood is lowered, his long black hair can be found moving down into his attire; Silky and thin in nature. His eyes are completely black with no pupil, eerily sitting in the whites of his eyes.





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