Konoha Team 06
Team 6
Team Aliases
Eye of the Storm
Team Info
Leader Inuzuka Taiki
Current Members Uchiha Ryo (missing)
Uchiha Hinotori
Nara Usagi
Tenjin Kasumi
Past Members Senju Ryuunosuke (deceased)
Affiliation Konohagakure
Team Rating
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Team Jutsu Jutsu
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Team Profile

With the death of Senju Ryuunosuke and the disappearance of Uchiha Ryo, other members have applied for the team. Hinotori was accepted as a full member and Kasumi is currently listed as a prospective member. Ryo, however, has not and will not be considered separated from the team until such time as Ryo himself indicates otherwise. At this point, with 2 Uchiha, a Nara Mednin, and a Tenjin Genjutsuist, Taiki has acheived a balanced team. Currently their team role is "under consideration."

Strengths and Weaknesses

The team was mainly a front-line unit. They have a wide range of elemental powers to back them up, a Nara mednin, an Inuzuka Chakra-specialist, and two elemental taijutsu users. This makes them a formidable yet adaptive force, one which would likely be sent out on higher priority missions, given the sheer experience the team brings to the table.

Memorable Moments

This could include funny/epic quotes or fails. Yeah.. fails would be funnier. XD


The Recluse Saga: Ambush and Rescue! — Campaign — Failure
Rescuing Children? — B Rank — Success

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