Konoha Team 10
Team Atsuro
Team 10
Team Info
Leader Inuzuka Atsuro
Members Inuzuka Taiki
Taniguchi Hitoshi
Uchiha Berii
Affiliation Konohagakure
Team Rating
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Team Jutsu
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Team Profile

An Inuzuka, an Uchiha, and a non-clan Shinobi, all ninjutsu specialists, lead by a Taijutsu Specialist Inuzuka. All but the Uchiha have been known to swear like sailors from time to time. They are uncouth (mostly), fierce (most of the time), and not fit for young children. Never mind three of the four are children themselves. Still, they at least try to be a scouting team…

Strengths and Weaknesses

The group consists of three primarily Ninjutsu stylists, with at least one Taijutsu specialist (the Chuunin Leader) and a weapons specialist embedded as well. They typically function as an advance scouting and Vanguard unit, with at least two of the members being known for using powerful fire attacks that vary in range and strength.

One of their main weaknesses is probably the fact that at least two are ranged fighters - one possessing almost no Taijutsu skill at all, instead being a ranged fighter.

Memorable Moments

This could include funny/epic quotes or fails.


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