Konoha Team Shadow-strike
Team Aliases
Team Info
Leader Nara Satomi
Members Sarutobi Jin
Smartical Oskeo
Amaro Nobunaga
Affiliation Konohagakure
Team Rating
To be updated
To be added
Team Jutsu
Shadow-detainment combination #1

Team Profile

Satomi's team, which has the combined function of training chuunin/genin and carrying out stealthy, hard hitting missions.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The team Jutsu's combine well. The tactical insight from Satomi ensures smooth missions most of the time. This team is usually used as a well balanced all round group. Highly complicated high skill, high risk, high reward situations.

Tactics/team jutsu

Memorable Moments

- Developed the first team jutsu with Hisoka, Naota and Fudo.
- Team shadowstrike get's deployed on their first mission.
- Team shadowstrike continues to develop itself

- Member change

- Team shadow-strike redevelope the shadow detainment
- Team shadow-strike is sent on a search and destroy task
- Team shadow-strike is to host and turn a wayward Kiri Shinobi

- Member change

- Team shadow strike is formed, again with a potential risky shinobi, a Sarutobi royalty and possibly a Suna prodigy.

Mission Log


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