Konoha Team 13
Team 13
Team Aliases
Team Tsugumi, Joint Operations Team 13
Team Info
Leader Uchiha Tsugumi
Rankoro Rinoko
Members Uchiha Suzu
Hyuga Reime
Hyuga Aru
Namikaze Nonon
Hatake Saori
Affiliation Konohagakure
Team Rating
Team Tsugumi
Team Rinoko
Team Jutsu

Team Profile

A sensor unit comprised of two squads operating in tandem to form Konohagakure's first Joint Operations Team. One Jounin and one Chuunin, Uchiha Tsugumi and Rankoro Rinoko respectively, lead two teams of ninja each (2 Genin on one, two Genin and a Chuunin on the other), who differ their squad composition based on the needs of the mission. It's an experiment, to be certain, but one with high potential.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Team 13 is two squads that operate together. Their strengths and weaknesses vary based on who makes up the team's composition at a given time. Non-standard members may temporarily be included to balance out the team or for various other special reasons. In general, however, the team has two parts, led by two different ninja.

Team Tsugumi


The first of the two teams, led by Uchiha Tsugumi. Normal members are Uchiha Suzu, and Hyuga Reime.

Strengths: A mix of Genjutsu, Ninjutsu, and Taijutsu. Balanced, and all members have sensor capabilities.

Weaknesses: A high degree of Chakra-reliance, with few weapon users. While they have great power at the start and middle stages of a conflict, prolonged battle may result in the younger members and leader alike becoming tired out.

Team Rinoko

The second of the two teams, led by Rankoro Rinoko. Normal members are Hyuga Aru, Namikaze Nonon, and Hatake Saori.

Strengths: Strong Taijutsu backed up by Fuinjutsu. Support and Ninjutsu potential for close-range combatants, Medical Ninjutsu, with an intermediate-range fighter who can switch between Ninjutsu and Taijutsu as-needed. Great versatility from Seals.

Weaknesses: Less experienced members, with less raw power. Their sensor capabilities are also presently less than Team Tsugumi. Less likely to exhaust themselves in battle if a fight drags on, but less likely to fare well in battle as well.

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