Kaguya-Hozuki Yoichi
Koumorite Yoichi
Birthplace Land of Water
Birthdate Oct 13
Gender Male
Age 19
Height 6'1
Weight 200
Blood Type O Negative
Kekkei Genkai N/A
Classification Seven Swordsman
Areas of Expertise Ninjutsu/Taijutsu
Clan Hozuki
Affiliation Kirigakure
Team None
Ninja Rank Jounin
Ninja Registration 876785
Genin Equivalent 7
Chuunin Equivalent 14
Nature Type
Element Lightning
Mother Hozuki Ayane (Deceased)
Father Kaguya Sho
Signature Jutsu
Thunder Gate

"Go away."


Character Flaws: Yoichi is often seen as rather brash and arrogant. He doesn't really strive to make friends, though he does believe in having strong ties to one's comrades. In his view, everyone else else is seen as a target to surpass, a prey. Friend or foe. This doesn't make him the most likable person in the village by any means, though it is part of what drives him forward. His attitude toward leadership might be seen as a weakness to some. As he stands behind the leadership of the village strongly, some might think that he doesn't think for himself, but in turn he views those who cannot follow the orders of the leadership simply for their personal beliefs to be the ones that are truly weak.
Character Strengths: Some of what one might view as weakness in Yoichi's personality can also be viewed as strength. While he may be seen as arrogant, he does not doubt his abilities and does not doubt himself in combat. He will always push through to the best of his ability to achieve the goal of a mission. Secondly, he does not doubt the will or orders of the Mizukage. This attitude may land him in tough situations once in a while, but, if he wavered, his will would not be as strong. Better to be a strong tool and an outstanding warrior than one who would turn his back on his village for his own ideals. Besides that, despite his brash and cocky attitude, he is also very intelligent. His multiple types of sensory collection make him quite useful on a mission, especially in tactical and detective-style missions.
Dislikes: Weakness. That is Yoichi's main dislike. This can mean anything from physical weakness to a shinobi being too weak-willed to follow the orders given to him for his mission. He also dislikes people who think their ways are better than those of the Elders or the Mizukage and the other leadership of the village and would rebel to prove it. In his eyes, that attitude makes them unworthy of being a part of the village or even being alive in some cases.
Likes: Fighting. Yoichi loves a good fight, and he loves collecting new jutsu and edges in combat. Most of his time is usually spent on missions or training. Other than that, he enjoys a good glass of sake and the achievements of completing his missions, as well as enjoying his time alone. There's also a spot he rather enjoys since it provides some familiarity akin to that of his home village, the Dark Cavern area near Kirigakure.


This young man appears to stand just at six feet tall, give or take an inch or two, having a rather odd, ominous look about him. His skin has a light olive color, body built quite well, lean but still quite muscular. White hair covers his head, spiking out unkemptly around his head, with some spikes generally covering one of his eerie red eyes, though at least one is kept in clear view.

His body is adorned in what appears to be a suit of dark brown clothes with pieces of Kagya bone armor custom built into them, along with a a somewhat tattered red scarf that covers his shoulders, collarbone, and neck up to the lower part of his face. His shirt has a fitted form, hugging against his sculpted form a bit along with the help of bone shoulder pads and ribs that cover parts of his torso where the shirt parts upward around the middle of his abdomen. Bone bracers as with spiked knuckles cover his hands, ready to be used as weapons when his preferred weapons are not available, his shin guard having a similar look with spikes jetting out from the knee. A pair of straps between his shoulder pads at his belt hold a dual sheath to his back in the form of an X, the sheaths containing none other than the Kiba blades of Kirigakure.



Name Relationship Notes


Fellow Swordsman Yuuka is one of the most respected of the Seven Swordsman, the window of Kaguya Keisuke. She is very kind and compassionate, yet she's also very strong-willed and can be pretty scary in combat or when angered. Yoichi is glad to call her a comrade.


??? Meruin is a respected brother in arms who rose up and overthrew the Hozuki Kage. While Yoichi may not like it, Meruin is a strong Jounin and earned the right to share his purpose with the village.


Oye Kiku is perhaps one of the most irritating people in the village. While she has great potential, she completely disregards it because she doesn't feel like she is strong enough for her rank, and she has zero respect for just about anything. Still, he feels he can help push her to actually live up to what she can do.


The Kid Yuriko has perhaps the most potential of any Genin in the village right now. When she's older, she will likely be one of the strongest shinobi of her generation. She's also a very sweet kid, kind just like her mother and adventurous.


Student After a spar in the arena, Yoichi took Kiji up as a student. The kid seems to show a lot of promise, especially in use of tactics. Yoichi was especially surprised with Kiji's ability to adapt to a situation mid-combat. He expects the boy to become a great shinobi one day and will do all he can to facilitate that.


Clanmate Sarasa is another Hozuki that Yoichi takes on missions and such, teaching her what he can, though she does have a different assigned teacher. She is good at stealth and somewhat underhanded tactics, which Yoichi believes will become an asset when she advances her skills and learns to use them on more effective and larger scales.


Clanmate Yoichi has only met Aishio once or twice, but, from what he can tell, she shows amazing potential in the clan's Hidenjutsu. Though around the same age, she has far surpassed Sarasa in progress and may one day even be able to challenge Yoichi himself. Other than that, she has a rather off attitude, at least in his perspective. For example, she got bored on a mission when he was using the clan technique to transport the team and suggested trying to mess with his innards.



 Age 0 Birth 
 Age 4 Began training 
 Age 14 Joined Kirigakure 
 Age 19 Promoted to Swordsman after Akari was retired 


Journal Entries



Taijutsu and Ninjutsu are Yoichi's specialties. From normal Taijutsu and elemental Ninjutsu to the use of the Kiba blades, he puts his all into his combat strengths. Within those styles, he also has a unique ability to retain a presence in water as well as the ability to sense chakra. This doubled ability to collect sensory data can make him quite a nightmare in and against stealth.

Yoichi's main weakness in combat is Genjtusu. He has never really been trained much in it, but he does have some defense against it. As he trains, he will develop more defenses against this to fill any holes in his combative style.

invisible D-Rank invisibleinvisible
Lightning Needles Hydro Weapon Lightning Shotgun
Lightning Whip Water Shape Disguise
Lightning Scourge Water Gun
Thunder Gate

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