Kuroenko Sekisetsu
Kuroenko Sekisetsu
Birthplace Land of Water
Birthdate Symbol-Aries March 2
Gender Icon-Female2 Female
Age 9 year's old
Height 4'5
Weight 36 kg
Areas of Expertise Mischief
Clan Kuroenko
Affiliation Icon-Kiri Kirigakure
Ninja Rank Genin
Nature Type
Element Icon-Fire Fire
Uncle Kuroenko Niyami
Father Kogane Nikisetsu
Mother Kogane Noiki
Favorite Jutsu
Wooden Mister Tanooki

So.. Here we are!! Enter Sekisetsu! The brash young blond of Kirigakure, who is budding in her life as a starting ninja. In a world full of adults, she thinks are of them are out to get her! This girl seems to succeed in being a walking conumdrum, having all, and yet none, of what it takes to be a good ninja of the Hidden Mist. Any good quality you can name, seems to be lacked by the little neurotic hot head, and she seems to get under the skin of any and everyone she meets!! But is there something beneath all of these bad qualities? Something actually inspiring? Or even demonic?



Sekisetsu's personality!! Hah!! Now think for a moment, of every single bad quality a little girl can have. Think hard.. Now.. add a bad temper to that, sprinkle alittle bit of blond stupid onto it, add a smidge of cynisim, add a whole gaggle of boy hungry, and wrap it all into papia of don't care, and you got Seki!! Yay!! This girl is pretty much disrespect in blond kiddish form. She is loud, angry, and pretty much does not have a can on what she tends to do.

Along with all of this, her unpredicatability, is her most powerful asset. You never quite know what she is going to do, until it is done. Seki is more prone to mischief, when things around her get too quiet. She is a kid, to the point where around other kids, she seems even more immature. She comes off as reckless, often jumping into situations with just the smallest incentive of emotion, and thus, is easily manipulated by smarter kids like Meruin, when she isn't thinking clearly.

As an adult, expect to have a problem with handling Seki. The degree of such is highly dependant on your sense of 'cool'. Pretty, nice, and handsome ninja, as well as extremely show ninja, who throw around cool jutsu needlessly, are pretty much loved by her. Old, cranky, mean, and really bossy ninja, will get the F-card immediately, so beware. The latter of these two breeds, often will find underestimate Seki fully, believing that she is very irresponsible, crazy, reckless, blahblahblah..But there in lies the problem. Seki is extremely talented, a natural in ninjutsu and genjutsu arts, though most people will never realize it until she is pitted against them.


Seki manages to always where the face of someone tired, angry, nonchalant, and up to no good, all at the same time. Happy blue eyes can change to piercing looking gold ones in a hot second, and for the most part, her daily look is that someone who just got out of bed. She is short, and very petite, and she looks her age even at this point.

The girl is very diverse, not quite a tomboy, but not quite a girly girl neither. She likes to dress up but on a daily occasion, she can be seen in a more drab black dress, simple and very fitting for the everyday. It fits rather loosely, making this dress not only good for active wear for the kid at play, but awesome training, and great for anytime for which she does not want to be formal. A long red scarf, one for which Rankoro Hitan, her teacher in the scroll and summon arts, use to wear in his younger days, is worn either about her head, or about her neck, the likes of which often make her feel like a real ninja. Turqouise prayer beads, not representing anything at all to her, but handed down from her uncle Niyami as an heirloom from the Kuroenko clans past as an excorcist clan, hang about her neck, wrapped twice as to keep length in check. On her feet, are simple wooden slippers, with red wrapping.

When on missions, this ensemble is kept, but with a few additions. A short sleeved fish net top is worn beneath the dress. The fullness of the legs and arms, including feet and hands, are wrapped tightly in white bandaging, for protection against the elements. About her core and abdomen, wrapping around seeming her entire diaphram, and upper pelvic region, is an brown leather packing, slightly flattened, with two zippers in the front, that seems to double as a fanny pack for all of the extra things she wants in hands reach (candy, lip gloss, blah.) This pack, at about her rear and lower back, has 5 vertical straps that are used to hole in place, the extremely large containment, and sealing scroll she wears, and uses on a normal basis.


Kurenko Kamipou (Black Flame Paper Arts)
Kurenko Oniniise (Black Flame Demon Deception)
Fire Manipulation

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