Kuroki Kuoroke
Kuroki Kuoroke
Personal Information
Birthplace Land of Wind
Date of Birth May 31st
Age 29
Height 184cm
Weight 81 kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Combat Information
Rank Jounin
Position Sunagakure Council Member
Elemental Affinity Wind
Areas of Expertise Tattoo Jutsu
Team none yet
Favorite Jutsu
Acid Punch line

Kuroki Kuoroke is a Sunagakure Council Member, and the second living son of the Kuroki clan leader. His most striking traits are the fact that he is, being a Kuroki, heavily tattooed, and his urge to be efficient. He can come off as rude or plain mean to those he believes are not working for the good of his village.



Kuoroke is very efficiency-focused, being (vocally) convinced that not working actively for the good of the village in some way is equivalent to actively working towards its demise, and such loitering should be punished. It isn't hard to catch him saying something along the lines of "what's bad for the village is bad for every inhabitant, so by harming the village, you harm me, and I won't let you". Slightly bitter because of ninja life, he considers ninja in village and outside of them as equals, all of them as much a mercenary as the next, with the village simply being a bigger mercenary organization. At the same time, he will try not to hurt the feelings of anybody who, in his opinion, is an asset to Sunagakure.
In battle, he quickly turns to anger and usually fights aggressively.


Many lines intersect on the skin of this man. It's difficult to make out the individual shapes, because they overlap, and most areas of the body host three or four layers of multi-coloured ink images. At least, those that aren't concealed beneath his dark green, with red sleeves, robe do. His face, which appears to be the least tattooed part of his body, is still criss-crossed by various lines, but between them, one can determine his skin has an olive colour. In addition to the robe, he wears an equally red cowl, which is held firmly on his forehead by a Sunagakuran forehead protector, thin gloves and a pair of the usually used sandals. The arms of a pair of horn-rimmed glasses disappear under the cowl's loose edges.
Behind these glasses, the man has green eyes. His hair, partly visible under the cowl, is brown. The man has a straight, but small nose, and thin lips. His roughly 185 cm tall body appears to be in good shape, which is not a surprising trait for a shinobi.



Acid Punch Grapple Straps
Caustic Palm Henge
Chakra Leech Tag Kunai Crossbow
Dissolving Palm Probing Acid
Explosive Tag Tattoo Chains
Flashbang Tag Wind Unbalance
Body Flicker Technique Self Inflict II
Clone Technique II Tattoo Heater
Deflect Tattoo Kite
Dodge II Tattoo Tremor Hairs
Perception II Temporary Shell Tattoo
Razzle Dazzle Dance
Chakra Tattoo Manipulation Tattoo Message
Chakra Tattoo Taijutsu Tattoo Skates
Morphing Prints Tree Walking
Scroll Mastery Water Walking
Seal Mastery Wind Manipulation

Tattoo Fighter
Tattoo Force
Tattoo Muscles

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